Scrambled thoughts and a new begining!


well this is my first blog and it should be a welcome note for my friends as currently i guess they only will take the pain of looking at it..

I read lot of blogs and somehow the secret desire of throwing my ideas or my stuff also creeps in..

The most interesting part of starting a blog i felt is getting it a name..u feel like a new baby is gonna born and act like mom and dad. Most of the time a fix is there what you should name and the most importantly if the great destiny of finding that name not taken smiles on you..

well luckily I got the one i wanted too..DISTANTCORDS though stolen from my friend’s avinash catch line..which ultimately became my email-add and my tag for creating accounts wherever I am able to find space for opening any account.

I named the blog Augmented reality.which I feel more like me.I am a day dreamer. though I leave my eyes wide open I dream mostly in day time with open eyes rather than keeping them shut in the night’s veil.

while I am awake I try to recollect them and call myself Dream catcher.


6 thoughts on “Scrambled thoughts and a new begining!

  1. hi yaar.. its nice to see u getting started in here.. n about the tag line it means same to me as to u.. n tht is wht makes it so worth.. hmm n yeah how can i forget to say LIFE MEANS MORE… so friend we both hav had enough n now its time to live tht line so my friend.. give in ur best to life n it will give u back all teh glory.. hmm sry its supposed to be a comment not a blog in itself so i shud stop.. enjoy..

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