Its holiday mate and what the best thing any professional like to do in the free time in fact any other person who is too vela(slang for idleness) at home ..yeah right thats hooking into his TV set.The idiot box.hmm it would be other way round I guess for present day scenario .As per the content it seems the idiot is on other end sitting on sofa with all kind of high energy food so that he can have better expansion to fit in the couch..Then slyly we pick the remote as the ultimate weapon of star wars in our hand and we can have control of whole universe of throwing shit! Its amazing to watch the expression when you are watching the TV sagas with family and how the great feud of having control of remote control and helplessness on other member of family are..especially if the father has it and the son has to watch it!

By the way as i started this post to be centered on something else than giving the intricate details of what a TV’s life is (A Bug’s Life!)..

So lets give the control to father as he is the boss and there goes the favorite series of all the news! click! click!..

Its really leaves me wondering how the news channel are managing to flourish like cocoons.and mind it (as per India) AAj tak( A news channel) is leading the bandwagon.The content now seems to be more bollywood masala oriented and does shows all the colors of India in terms of its spices finesse.One must admit with the kind of news we get at our table is really high quality entertainment source..

And leading this rat race it has shown a great supremacy by alienating itself from the basic thing media was meant to savor.its the common man feelings and Emotions

How sad it sounded when the news channel people asks the wife who nearly lost his husband in accident.” How are you feeling ma’am now and How you felt at that time”..In the pursuit of just showing something for the heck of it they become so indifferent and instead of acknowledging the fact they say showing you the the truth.

Media is now should be added as another pseudonym for hype. and they know how to built this tower of hype defying all laws.

A funny incident took place when some child who was playing with his friends fall into the well and media hyped it so much that the child was given so many scholarship and of his friend’s father after knowing this slapped his son and said” You idiot why didn’t u fall”..

This way the story goes on and on..I wonder how the things can change how this can change as the support who changed to this world..who created revolutions brought a different outlook has itself lost its orientation..where they are more interested in showing people kissing inhabiting there privacy to get higher TRPs rather than showing the true meaning of news.

I wonder oneday it might happen when we switch on this big bazaar and there will be a correspondant with poodle cut Shouting with utmost confidence and saying in high mysterious tone ” Is gali ke kutte aaj kuch jada bhok rahe hai”(this street’s dogs are barking more than usual) ” AAyie pooche Mr. Kutta ji se aap kaisa mehsoos kar rahe hai kya lagta hai aapko”( Lets ask Mr Doggy how are you feeling today what You feel about this)…..


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