Today also same gust of feelings subsides in me…Came across a blog..n here I go..deeper n deeper..I was reading Saikat’s blog ..Was amazed by this person josh(enthu) of he has written about himself which I have been almost going through everyday..This is weird today I am again letting myself to wander in the forbidden territory …I am on detention..and I am not supposed to do that..Everywhere I have went saw lived, came to know of one hard fact as stated in Mitch Albom ‘s “Tuesday’s with Morrie” to let go off things…

I turn around my desk and I see people working here all forming a circularized life wave…just like some equation with variable coefficients…

Most of the time there is one things still haunt me..I cam here to work..another city alone..but what engulfs is this silence ..this Omerta sometimes make u wonder and act like dementors u…but following the lineage of human survival I do fight like all others to keep this away..these thoughts these dementors..

Sometimes I do wonder whether this guardian angel concept is true or not..Hello u there?? PERIOD.

Over these 8 months I have been making everything more secluded, my self more learn let go off things..there are mornings that smile on me .but there are nights which loathes me..

not me but these things I have found in many others..with the time they are getting more in themselves..gone are the days..ha.ha..

The life in working in far city does seems to be illusive paradise…people often come out of there home to make life better but is that so..

when you go back to ur room sit there who is your best friend who sits next to you..holaaa silence!! In the process some part of us fades away and that is taken by something which curbs the other parts to make a whole new you..

One of the most easy question to answer is Whats the lifestyle of a professional out of home

1) wake up early morning

2)oops!! its late rush to office( no breakfast please..he he diet friendly keeps you in shape)

3) mails,work,chat( u need to be social), surf..blah blah..projects,deadlines,deliveries…burrrrp!!!

4) late at night damn tired! change dress get urself fixed

5) Pick ur gf..hey excuse me I meant Mobile phone

6) call call n more feel better tat u exist..there are ppl who think s about u

7) wtf!! whats this life..I deserve better..I was that now what I have become…regert ride on the way!

8) miss u all!!

9) I should prepare for something better..higher studies job switch..yaaawwwnnnn!

10)off I go….zzzzzz!!!

what…its zzzzzzzz!!! shooo!! so what its my cubicle.. 😉


5 thoughts on “Omerta

  1. Dont loathe about what has happened or about ur present condition… Its all in ur mind…how u think, what u want for urself… If u want to be happy, u will be happy… ur happiness is related only to ur state of mind and nobody else’s….

  2. Hi Buddy,
    You have nicely mingled your thoughts with words. Your blogging has reached a different level.


  3. @ nobody :
    Its not about loathing…I also know infact everyone is aware of this statement ” I THINK ….,Therefore I AM ….” (Fill in the blanks)..Its how the the wheel turns..u cant avoid bumpers but u can avoid getting hurt…its about that..m avoiding to fall everyone ha ..they know better who r into this..
    sometimes when u r following ur usual way u urself starts disintegrating and is not aware of that..then u regret n u try to sew the pieces back but somehow things kept falling from the sack..

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