Pursuit of happyness

200px-poster-pursuithappyness.jpgWell this is post which I wanted to write long ago but didn’t get time(Thanx to my PM : pagalaya manager) for driving me like his ol’ fiat car..even though there is no output he hopes and secretly desires he will get sometime great performance for me..uhmm back to business..


Anyways this is bout the movie which I saw lately..(hmm yeah another inspiring one)..but something still catchy.. The Movie is “Pursuit of happyness” (yes with spelled wrongly as happyness) ..about a simple man thriving, working hard and believing in himself.. Sometimes we come across story which do change lives..pushing u into another realm..The movie was based on real story of millionaire Chris Gardner..

What catches the attention is the title itself..Pursuit of happyness..Looking at any other odd face..it does feel so..some say..some dont..

may be find happiness is pursuit ..A chase which we start when we are born..A smile for which we go another mile..looking through the Chris Gardner’s life..or may be someone near u ..I see sometimes the pain itself becomes so engrossing that person going through it  show a sudden thrust and zeal to fight back..how?(I don’t know if u have ans please revert back)

In fact I have been following prem_ravi’s blog (another guy down the lane )..his life his zest of getting admission to IIM..fighting back..give me the same feeling …A pursuit..

Sometimes somehow pain itself is the happ’y’ness…A silver line among the clouds..


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