“He Invented”!!!

This thing is already doing round in the mailboxes of people around the globe.However I found it really amusing to put in the blog. Its really hilarious how yet another google master work (after that bush thing and I’m feeling lucky stuff) did create an applauding humor.

Its really amazing how the neural logic works for them whatever be the case yet another proof ‘Men are smarter’ đŸ˜‰



5 thoughts on ““He Invented”!!!

  1. Yeah that’s true, but if you Google, “She screwed it up”, I’m sure that Google will come back with..”Did you mean: ‘He screwed it up’ “.

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  3. @Alex thanx for appreciating man!!!yeah reading the story..its really gr8….

    @HDReader…hey friend i know u didn’t intend to say that I was wrong..i just let u knew..

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