Life In 4 Colours…

Life in 4 Colours

I painted it white with flaps of the kite,hear the cackling voice…

I painted it blue with scent of love, feel the rejoice

I painted it Red with innocence of solitude, rendezvous with wise

I painted it black with soporific smile, embrace the horizon eyes….


12 thoughts on “Life In 4 Colours…

  1. WOW,did you draw this? If you did,you are a really talented man.Made me think about life for a while.Just let me know if you have did it because i would like to post this picture in my blog with compliments to you

  2. @ poojitha
    sry friend its not my work..its general wallpaper i came across in some way..and i felt like writing few verses …

    the pic appealed so much..even u cna see the finer details of stages thru the tree nearby..

  3. your words capture the projections of the artist…even i thought this was your creation because only the artist can conjure up the meaning so beautifully…
    truly a work of art…mate!!!

  4. @Humbl devil its ok mate i also got the pic from somehwhere all that matters are words…n words are all i have to take ur heart away 😉

    @ani thanx alot for appreciating my words!!!!! i have just tried to contemplate the imagination of painter..:)

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