1 degree of change

100 degree  ,the temperature at which water boils                     water drop

..101degree it becomes steam…a 1 degree change ..transformation of state..

Often it takes one moment of insanity that changes everythig and then many other feeling subsides…like a hole in dam, as soon the crack opens..there is whole gush of water seeping through the creek.may be we need to hold on a little more before we change our state at this point…but its so damn tough..read somwhere one thing is constant and that is change but this change somtimes haunt you till that 1 degree point that you loose your state.. Often there is feeling of the past ” What I was and now what I am”..huh!!

 The augmented reality can be defined at this 1 degree point..the two planes of life ” the old me” and the new me”…intersects

The new me is an occupant of nostalgic suburbs,tenant of past often sings for last life lookng at what is remnant( i.e older me only )

and the old me is an explorer,full of life, visionary

 Old me : ” With stars in my eyes I am looking at horizon eyes

the dream are percussion,my heart plays in my mind..”



New me :” Remnant of my past tell me to hold on

But where am I? Lost everything but still going on”


Old me: ” O’ what a day it is all cheers and hurrays,

now nowhere to stop by

Wait! O’ majestic sea,now its just a moment

that I ride on your waves to new highes..”



New me:” There was time I was apple of everyone eye,

cherished by all..

who am i now? filling the solitudeness of the space

with my crib call..

wish something will turn,wish something will propagate

but its just a wish like a sigh with no fate …”

Old me:” I am the future!!!”


New me:” I am the past of my future,

may be getting senile…

but I do have sometimes the vision of

Albatross flying in sky..

May be its not a reverie,

Its a reminiscence which I am destined to fulfill..

I am not lost,am a warrior

made of water sky and earth..

I am a remnant of past but 

my heart do sing of mirth..

These spikes are the ends of rope..

Behold!!Uphold!! as I am HOPE


28 thoughts on “1 degree of change

  1. hi, interesting poem,
    past is past, present is presnt and future starts with the today!
    In piste of all the things that happened in the past, he always will be reminded. It doesnt matter how good or bad it was.
    In spite of all those things, we always need to look in front…

  2. Your thoughts about change of state are right on. And I like the poem very much. Reminds me of a Dar Williams song you might want to check out if you don’t know it:


    How can I ask love to hold the mystery
    When just look at me
    It’s all push and pull collateral
    I don’t want to be the one who gets the next surprise
    I’ll plan it out this time
    Though I used to think that things were meant to be

    So farewell to the old me
    Farewell to the old me
    My life is working better now
    It’s always changing anyhow

    I danced a lot of nights until the grass was wet
    It wasn’t over yet
    ‘Round ’bout 3 a. m. you made a friend
    And I followed a lot of vital crazy thoughts because
    It’s where the meaning was
    And I tried to find it every other way

    Farewell to the old me
    Farewell to the old me
    My life is working better now
    It’s always changing anyhow

  3. interesting post. transformation is difficult, it reminds me of the metamorphosis that a caterpillar has to go through to become a butterfly. but i think you don’t really lose your old self, it’s still there to guide and nudge you when you need it.

  4. Great insight… Sometimes that transfermation of that one degree is the hardest because it requires a decision.

    My mentors always have told me that “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

  5. hey trips!!!!!!!
    wat a post!!!! kudos!!! unfortunately I am reading it now .. you have became quite versatile in your thoughts … in both humour and ire…. and there was nothing lurking everything was as explict and candid as it can be … I am not writing this for cajole ; it really inspired me

  6. gr8 post…
    i do believe that if one forgets the old self…
    we’ll lose grips with what we are…

    it doesn’t hurt for using the past as a searchlight for finding the path to the future…

    \ /

  7. @Soul&body yeah inspite of all we need to look infornt…but these memories do haunt..ur splendor of past takes u back from what u r now..sometimes u will i wasn’t like that before now how i have changed..n y i cant b wat i was…

    @HDreader i am already a fan f ur ppics selection …now this side of urs making me feel u r really close friend…the song u gacve is really BEAUTIFUL…i almost got lost …very true..i do want to bid farewell to my old me..its gone..i have everyday construct a new me….

    @sophiagurl yeah it nudges..it nudges to core till u become resless…sometimes its a form of guilt..and sometimes an inspiration..hope to take inspirational side…

    @ andrew.. thanx for coming by..yeah it does requires a decison on every step..and whole curve of life changes with it..the hardest thing s to let it go..

    @eclectist I am really honoured if it inspired u..i tend to do that olny for myself and for everyone who feels like so..

    @humbl devil…. but sometime the past hrts so much that instead of torch it becomes a veil of darkness..bidu a togh task ;)…but m trying

    @sharad i have been to ur place and what i ha a feel u r also with me in this(m not making any conclusions) but ur writings are so sweet and does remind me infact took me back to my pain…its reaaly tough to get in other side ..really tough

  8. transformation is eternal… whatever happens happens for good…. i loved the poem and the insight it gives….. and i absolutely loved the ending lines… i can certainly do better with some hope 🙂

  9. @ss thanx…u r very right mate..yeah it happens for good..but then y we feel so lost all the time…we lost some part of ours and when u want to get it back..its impossible it seems..but yeah we shd have hope may b its for something more better

  10. WOW bro! that was wonderful! 🙂
    loved the last para 🙂

    thanx for the visit and comment upon my blog! 🙂
    keep comin back 🙂
    i’ve linked ur blog.

    peace & love

  11. Hi Dream Catcher,
    Love the words…
    And change is the only constant thing in the whole universe..and i all are bound to change..
    Take care..

  12. @pricky what is the learned old you …its a newer image of urs…u mean to say like we are adjusting us all the time..so to folow theory of adaptibility…but i projected is not of adaptiibility…yeah learning is the case..but infact i said is i loose myself eventualy all the time and miss my old self..its like loosing of innocence and then u feel u use to b like that…
    I have seen been with ppl..who wish sincerely… to be like what they used to be secretly..( n yeah its not jst the cases of just few..)..like eg. one of my friend who use to be a gr8 scholar and used to b fill with life..the strange incidences pushed him to b very silent and solitude..even he tried he cld not help but change..the person who use to b jovial and all the time chattering ..now tend to b still…)

    I personally miss my times when i had the zest of doing something which now i someime dont feel so…

    If u dwell a bit deeper..learned u is is something as per u go in neural logic..(sorry for sounding bit techie here) but there the coefficent of equations are adjusted so to achieve perfect balance..but infact i feel its like u r shedding a part of u everytime to get a learned self which infact is a loss of what u were..
    m not saying its for good or bad..but it just something u seek inside and u dont find…

    i hope m not confusing 😦 …a long comment it seems..

  13. wish something will turn,wish something will propagate

    but its just a wish like a sigh with no fate

    Loved these lines! The whole post, in fact is good. Its rather different, and can be motivating in phases of transition. Something I could relate with.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I just blogrolled you, and I am sure you wouldnt mind that.

  14. @miz4ever sry miz dont kow how ur comment got stuck into antispam 🙂 …somehow recovered …have to keep an eye on this spam stuff…it already shows i lost few ppl..

    thanx for coming by :)…keep visiting

  15. see adaption is evolution! thats all…
    Just cause you change from the state of beginning doesnt mean that new or old is new entities.
    Basics remain the same!!!

  16. @Humbl devil very deep…well just reminded me of a song u may all have heard this but want to share ..if not then do listen this…


    I’m not a perfect person
    There’s many things I wish I didn’t do
    But I continue learning
    I never meant to do those things to you
    And so I have to say before I go
    That I just want you to know

    I’ve found a reason for me
    To change who I used to be
    A reason to start over new
    and the reason is you

    I’m sorry that I hurt you
    It’s something I must live with everyday
    And all the pain I put you through
    I wish that I could take it all away
    And be the one who catches all your tears
    That’s why I need you to hear

    I’ve found a reason for me
    To change who I used to be
    A reason to start over new
    and the reason is you (x4)

    I’m not a perfect person
    I never meant to do those things to you
    And so I have to say before I go
    That I just want you to know

    I’ve found a reason for me
    To change who I used to be
    A reason to start over new
    and the reason is you

    I’ve found a reason to show
    A side of me you didn’t know
    A reason for all that I do
    And the reason is you

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