Shades of silence…


Can you feel your heart in moving crowd…can You feel the voices echoing among the cacophony of traffic..when you get wet in rain do you feel the stillness of each and every drop of the moment..we often resort to silence being just categorized as solitude ..stillness..but is it so??

Shade 1: I came to life,You took me in your arms ..looked back to watching with inquisitive eyes

Shade 2: I stood up in class..recited a poem..everyone listened with yawning sighs

Shade 3: First crush..saw her smile when I turned back sitting on my heart turned inside

Shade 4: That sweet December when she approached with bent eyes and said yes..lips got sealed and pulse got new highs

Shade 5: Caught bunking class..Inside principal room..scolding and sticks ..Spent whole day outside classroom..a smirk

Shade 6: When the results declared..A hug from parents..acknowledged my toil

Shade 7: Going away leaving my parents home..Mom on door..saying Good bye

Shade 8: She left..I Cried with pillows in my arms ..nobody knows the drift..I am hurt..each and every night

Shade 9: Tying knot.. Holding hands..saying I DO to an unknown life

Shade 10: My baby in my arms..I look at my wife with humble eyes


Today again chasing myself around

Making crazy this dark oblivion that bound

I see,I feel mellifluous fog that surround

Shades , different shades of silence making sound

Breathing life ,in your arms

like holding prayers in closed palms

The silent wishes that carried all along

Starry nights and the moonlight song

Nodding whispers, calling to come by

Air confluence with heart and life stops by

whispered words of hazel eyes

waiting forever and moments of cries..

In the moving crowd

or corner of burrows

rages the muted act of violence

coming across shades,

different shades of silence…


47 thoughts on “Shades of silence…

  1. We read the words ‘deafening silence’ so often…but I have actually felt it sometimes… how loud silence can be – how oppressive and sometimes a malignant shadow and other times sometimes the best and most peaceful of friends…

  2. @Random Magus yeah u r rite…”deafening silence” its can be oppressive..n can be best of ur friends…
    for me it is my best friend :)…the shadows i live ..a multicolor shadow

    @Krutika : thanx…keep visiting

  3. @ andrew… thanx andrew…didn’t knw if i was able to do full justification..have this nagging feeling..

    picture actually first time it took my attention..this symbolizes so many u have been forced to be silent …or u have forced urself silent… either way..

  4. Different shades of life..Sometimes soft, sometimes vibrant..
    But then we all are like water, which dissolve it beautifully and make herself match with the shades…

    Beautifully expressed, Take care…

  5. really life has these many shades…..does every ones eyes enclose this reality with a put on mask……nice post…..just spilled my coffee here to say a warm hello…….

    anu was here….

    bye & take care

  6. @shruti ,@anu : thanx 😀 but a bit deeper actually i was trying to portray how different kind of silence are there…though the post gets a feeling of different shades of life it actually portrays the different occasions when silence spoke..and ll time different languages

    @anu : thanx for coming by..:) and welcome to ma place

    @random Magus thanxxx:D its an honour :D:D

  7. @tapasya ..thanx picture actually symbolizes so many u have been forced to be silent …or u have forced urself silent… either way…if still ppl feel its nt worth..I will change it…

  8. Hey, nice blog. Thanks for visiting my bloglog profile, hope you’ll drop by my site and feel free to leave a comment if you find something interesting ^^.

  9. Hmm!!!
    Shades of colours and perspective of order.
    The various way life could and went in a certain way cause of the shade you picked…
    and to think permutations combinations arent liked!!!
    and if you arent nosy on my blog then it would be a pity…
    Fantatstic poem…

  10. @wonder thanx..keep visiting..:)

    @pricky thanx pricky..u rthe best 🙂 ..what i wanted to sy i all these lines..u said in these few lines…tnax alot..n yeah m gonna prick a lot!! he he

    @Rajeev..coming from maestro like u…i m honoured.. 😀

    @Random Magus yeah very so many thots and first time i m finding ppl with whom i can elate to..can share what i feel..though not explicitly…but ts there 🙂

  11. the picture was actually of those people who stitched there mouths in protest of something i fail to recall. they stitched there mouths do even if they were tempted the wouldnt be able to eat.
    i think it was three people who did so.
    the pic was taken by a photojournalist

  12. “Deafening silence…”

    wow…. reminds me of what I wrote about 25 years ago about a homeless little girl

    Can you hear the silence in the scream
    and the scream in the silence

  13. @Zakman Sir honour to have u here thanx infact..I have felt this deafening sound many times in my life..
    Can you hear the silence in the scream
    and the scream in the silence

    Such a beautiful expression…can I read ur writing please..m really interested..

  14. Thanks dream catcher .. it takes a beautiful mind to capture the finer shades of sensitivity

    The shades of silence poem ‘Muse’… did you write it? Some brilliant lines there

    Actually I don’t quite recall the full poem I wrote about the homless girl…. that was ages ago, and I can’t even find the scrapbook

    A couple of lines that I wrote into that poem ran like

    Then the eyes lost their brotherhood
    and glared at each other

  15. @zakman~ Yeah sir..I wrote it 🙂 earlier i used to write in hindi only my native languages..i have just now started in english on my friends persistence ..

    Thanx for appreciating… coming from u is really an honour…

    Then the eyes lost their brotherhood
    and glared at each other

    reading these lines now making me more n more wanting to read…anyways those are really beautiful lines…WoW!!..

    Do u still write poems sir?

  16. hi dream catcher

    ohhh… i love it when you call me ‘sir’…. hehe

    I read the words of your ‘Infinite Ramblings’ and ‘Do Say to me’.. but I’ll read the poem later

    You asked me if I still write poems. No, I don’t. But I’m still a poet. According to me, a poet doesn’t necessarily have to write poems.

    I’m a ‘lover’ and a ‘die-hard romaticist.’ I’m satsified with that.

    A lot of people will not agree. But, then, you see, I live only once.

  17. Zakman u r senior to me a gr8 author..can’t help it sir 🙂

    Yeah very truly said..poet doesn’t necessary have to write poems..

    They live in emotions they live in world’s breathings..
    n i also agree n follow this point
    as we live only once


  18. Dream

    Have you experimented with prose-poems?

    I’m not aware if there’s no exact definition to it, nor am I sure if it’s recognized in the literary community, but a prose-poem is where I found expression.

    You just write. ‘Just’ write.

    You’re not bound by rhyme or reason. You just relax and write for the sheer pleasure of writing. You’ll be amazed with what you’ve written. (If you want to edit what you’ve written, that’s pretty good, too!)

    You’re then in the highest form of creativity – no laws to hold you down. That is also the highest form of freedom in writing.

    I can see in your writings that maybe you’ve loved and you’ve lost. Maybe you’re just discovering love, maybe you just love words. But there’s passion in your writing.

    But then, to quote Pritish Nandy, “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

  19. @Zakman~ m totally speechless with what u have said… this heightened form of writing is really what every write dream n desire of ..

    I have fidgeted with the writings when i used to write in my native language..without worrying bout ryhme words…just the flow is there..yeah may b i m binding myself with words..

    passion..I M passionate bout turn the subtle thots into a new form a new being…to personify the perception..

    U r pretty right m not on discovering course rather have lost..alot of times alot of things..then also i feel myself churn n turn…instead of numbness

    U r such a gr8 person.. I really feel gr8 u r coming to my place..n taking time to talk to me sir 🙂

    I will try to free myself ..i do hope so..

    “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

    yeah so rightly said…it makes u knw some emotions which u may have never even guessed….

  20. QUOTE: “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

    yeah so rightly said…it makes u knw some emotions which u may have never even guessed….

    Yes, you speak the truth, you will definitelly discover new emotions.

    But then, dreamcatcher, what Pritish Nandy is trying to say there, according to me, is:

    A life must have a story. If you haven’t experienced love, your story is just not complete.

  21. @Zakman~ yeah the emotions can never be expressed unless u get into it…like without being drunk u can never feel the essence of it…without being in love u can never define it..the subtle thots..the pain…like pain of death..pain of leaving someone..n pain of falling in love are all different..each n every shade is like different fingerprints..all part of same hand but all of them different..

    thats what is tough each of this difference often gets us perplexed and we start swaying along with them…and then to put them in words is all the more u urself is confused..beaten up..n numb..:(

  22. when the noises, those distractions come to an end,
    and all their cacophonies into this silence blend,
    every second is dumbstruck, or so goes the legend,
    of the language that every being can comprehend.

    it speaks for a thousand tongues, in a billion as many words,
    if you cannot feel them, do they still qualify as words,
    since the only way they speak is through the feelings,
    can words never be understood as emotional things?

    Well. Can only say one thing about this post.

    “Silence Speaks Volumes”
    So let me maintain that.

  23. You have an interesting style, one that reminds me of a friend of mine from India, though I think you’d not approve of him. I understand he is not traditional sexually, though I know him to be an excellent poet; we haven’t corresponded now for four or five years.

    I think that one of the greatest pities is that the Englishman (become American, though I think the Canadians and Australians are not quite so guilty) is so ethnocentric and indeed unable to conceive of values outside his own. Now more than any time in history perhaps we need every culture’s wisdom and appreciation of beauty.

  24. –Dreamcatcher: the pain of death for the living in my experience is mostly recovering from it. Recovering from having died, I mean. And in a real way it’s more numbness than pain.

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