Dream catcher

Asked him love …He took my hand,joined the stars in sky to make a heart

Asked him wish … He unfolded his hand and a butterfly flew

Asked him desire …He spread his palms and sands dripped

Asked him dream … He Kissed the air and it blew ……



Woke up this morning, sun was bluffing again

and the lying shadows playing a game

The requiem of my virtue,says they need you

Dreamcatcher ,make my dreams come true…



Feels like dying, illusions of trying

Its tragic, could be black magic

duping me so far way

hold me,catch me into this blue

Dreamcatcher ,make my dreams come true…



Dusk makes fun, dawn holds me near

Glances of moon breaking with fear

Ecstasy of sorrow causing heart sear

Please put my bubbles in a balloon

Dreamcatcher ,make my dreams come true…



Swimming on surface of sky

I kiss my soul often

It shakes with a pry

but Satan doesn’t soften

Eyes hugging each other in rue

Dreamcatcher ,make my dreams come true…



Somewhere sometime snatch my dreams that I drew

With whistles of your lips , blew them so they flew

One day A dream will fall in a swirl

Caught in oyster and become a pearl

A sleep of eternity , my dream of cure

Dreamcatcher ,made my dream come true…


41 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher…

  1. deception… bluff…
    so basically a normal day…
    about the picture !! thats a good thing about the blogs. its just tht if you aret passing other peoples work as yours then its fine. but it is good to attribute. and dont worry i think most people figured it was of the net and also this phot is heavily photoshoped original is not like it. it is embodiment of pain (read blood) and belief (the colour of the skin stitched)

  2. @ Rajeev ~ Thanx so much :D:D u made my day πŸ˜‰

    @tapasya ~ yup how many pearls will garner..n the probability of falling that drop in oyster ..thanx for appreciating πŸ™‚

    @pricky ~ so prickmaster the day is normal awww!
    ok so will keep on that pic…yeah if its not someone copy right wok..then guess can have the right to copy and adding meanings to it…
    it is embodiment of pain (read blood) and belief (the colour of the skin stitched) yeah i also thot so…

  3. i watched the movie “dreamcatcher” i think it’s a horror flick by Stephen King=) but your site is quite the opposite. It’s poetic and very reflective. very nice post. =)

  4. @soul&body ~ yeahhhh is that so..when i was kid it used to hung above above my bed… πŸ™‚ that thing is called dream catcher only…its kind of made of netting ..check this link

    hmm so u can always find me right across ur window..he he πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    @Sophiagurl ~ yeah u r right its a horror flick by stephen king…but i have not seen it yet:) will do it soon…thanx for appreciating πŸ™‚

  5. It’s a swirl in my heart that you raised and there are goosebumps on my arm….. u jus captured in every word each lil thought of my soul!

    (This one i’ve saved!) πŸ™‚

  6. πŸ™‚ nut! i mean it! its seriosuly brilliant! (n go ahead.. spam all u want! the no shoutbox is another crazy quirk… frankly there’s lots more quirks to me than just 8!) πŸ˜€

  7. @ani ~ lets c..i m a voyager seems..discovering unknown territory
    @soul&body~ ..:D gr8 to c u around…anyways how to reach u more easily ?
    @priyanka~..Thnx :):) keep visiting
    @phoenix~ thanx ..:) hey do give me ur link please..guess i lost it..
    @Abhishek~ yup mate right…cld have been better..love th critic.. will definitely try to improve cheers !

  8. hey dream catcher….
    nice..i like…

    “Caught in oyster and become a pearl

    A sleep of eternity , my dream of cure ”

    beautiful lines….
    and thanks for visiting my blog…

  9. Beautiful song Mr.dreamcatcher…..
    I could actually call it a ptayer…
    Liked it word by word…amazing rythm…
    N thanx 4 d visit…

  10. @ss~ u knw since i write any post..u r the first one i eagerly wait to come and look fwd for ur opinion…:) thanx so much..

    @ divya ~ u just need to follow the rules..and answer the ques like i did..and link other ppl (means tag them) with these ques ..in ur blog πŸ™‚ simple…

  11. Hey thanx for dropping by and th gr8 compliments, DC. it is fascinated to read your poetic posts. Keep it up. πŸ™‚ Will be cool to read you dreams too…

  12. @Ani~ wooosshhh!!! here i come…willl bug u till u ask for mercy

    @Lansy! Thanx so much πŸ™‚ surely with time will share my dreams too…infact this poem of mine is my dreams..very close to my heart…

    @SS~ its an honour for me yaar πŸ™‚ ..got the mail…replied ya πŸ˜‰

  13. @illusionist~ hmm been to ur blog..u r one amazing writer..thanx for coming by:)

    @Ajith~ Thanx for defining my song…got any tune..
    i wanted to have a tune for this…but guess m at loss..
    wish someone can give tune to my song

    is that u …
    *** **** saale kahan se copy paste hai yaar …
    where were u till now !!!
    that was outrageous(nfs style) …

  15. @Anks~ Finally!!! wo aaye hamare dar par kabhi hum unke comment kabhi apne blog ko dekhte hai…!!! chal akhirkar u got time to come here mote
    here only bro…oy teri when i have copy pasted anything lol:) thanku hai ji:)

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