3 Pegs Whiskey And Infinite Ramblings


3 Pegs Whiskey

Today reading the mails, one of them reminded me of DC first shot at drinks. Well that was DC’s first and last time DC had rendezvous with the gold beauty..

To celebrate New Year with DC one of his close friends came from Bangalore to give him a visit. Also that was one of the most excruciating times he was going through. That was a perfect eve to execute the perfect deed.

Juggler: Anks~the ‘wicked’ ‘innocent’ ‘insane’

And the ball: Dreamcatcher

And the ramblings begin……

Anks: why the hell you are like this..let go ..n let yourself live

DC: I try…I am trying

Anks: Lets call shots and get over with it..This might help.

And emerged playing hide and seek with its seal.. “the bottle”.. calling defiance. Its always a big step for first timer..to drink or not to is the question..but who cares..already broken himself..he grabs it ..Gulp gulp…1st sip.WTF what is this shit…and people dances on the music of this!! aarggghh can’t take it can’t have it..

Anks:What is this are you drinking or pissing..You wont change..take it neat then you will know what it is..

GULP! GULP! And hmmm…I can hear something…and the great dance show begins..Its really fascinating if one can take account of how the alcohol take you through..starts with yuck and ends with woooshh!! like you become so lighter than air…each sip crusading through the veins..opening all the bottle necks..The mind swaying across valleys and bumps..and a ride to void..the pleasure of zeroth point..

Anks: Now you are getting better…So tell forgotten or not!

DC: Damn! Where m I ..hicchoook!! twing twang! ting! …I am chandler bing! Gosh! what I am saying doesn’t make sense…Bro I know what I am saying is stupid..crap But seriously I am not drunk…he he…Hichoook!!

One serious statutory warning..never keep your mobile near when you are drunk and all senti..this magnanimous tool is most treachorous of all..Highly dangerous when you have got it just now recharged..!

DC: awwww! So lonely so alone…feel like giving some one a call…Anks whaddya say

Anks: zzzzzzz!!

Here is the treason..the treason master sleeping..now who will hold the ball already bumping by..Here he tooks the weapon in his arms..and start dialing the number..

DC: Whom to call?? ahh Priya(name changed)..my childhood friend

First try…tring…tring..no pick..second try ..tring tring…cut! ..third…”the number you are trying to reach is currently unreachable” (mind it its 2:00 in the night)

I hate this mind..more than heart..specially at the times when you are not yourself… it speaks..It speaks with such loud intesity when you are drunk that all sensibilities defies you

DC: Can’t call what to do..SMS

Priya …I am trying to tring tring you..but you are so far(Actually meant to say I am trying to call you but your cell is unreachable)

Alcohol..life of more than half of people around the globe..broken homes.broken hearts savior.hate it loath it…but it does something to you..and If you know how to rhyme..at times it brings out best of poetry inside you and the worst..

DC:I wanna talk I wanna talk..let me call randomly..beep beep bop bop…and again tring tring…

DC: Hullllooooo

A person half in sleep: Who is this

DC: Tell me one thing missshhter

Person: yeaahhhhaa

DC: Aasman se zameen tak ..Aasman se zameen tak..Kya hai( From sky to earth …from sky to earth..what is there!!)

Person: Who is this a******

DC: Hawa hai hai hai!!! ….(There is air..there is air !! 😉


DC: I wanna talk I wanna talk…beep beep bop bop..! tring tring!

Gal with real sexy voice: hiiii!! X-(

DC: Dil mein chubhi sui..Dil mein chubhi sui( Heart is pricked by needle )

Gal: what happened ..

DC: Awaaz aayi ui uiiii ( And the sound came uiiiiii!)

Gal: Jerk!(cut!)

Hmm Nobody to listen and nowhere to go!! I can be with my best friend ..a pen and paper..




Infinite Ramblings


Say something to me

The silence will melt with voice

The stillness is too prolonged

And noises waiting for rejoice

Wet earth, wet wood and the quag I step in

Behind the soul a rusty window

The conspiracy bequeath in..

Don’t say anything to me

The flicker of candle

‘neath my heart sways

The drips of mantle

Giving it complicated ways


Walk on circular contour

Is it start or end?

Often on mirage of oceans

The shore pretends..

Do Say to me

‘Coz on this boulevard

the veracity of flights

Gazes on the variegated twilight..

With a smile

Beaming brighter….brighter than Sunlight…



The pic above is courtesy: Hidyn Gems



28 thoughts on “3 Pegs Whiskey And Infinite Ramblings

  1. 3 pegs Whiskey (80 proof) is 40% alcohol. I know your your blog is 35 % evil, so there’s an extra 5% evil in there somewhere. I think it’s the rusty window behond the soul.

  2. U said U r innocent ( prev read by me) … in that case ur innocence must be at peak while u were drunk, hai na ? But did you write this while u were drunk…. its coool first hand narration with superb effects 😀
    Nice poem ….. and what did you say…. a writer like me… Man I am wondering at the depths with which you write…. I feel I am nothing… Its good to read stuff here…. moreso, a full time entertainment complimented with nice words, good photographs and lots more… will continue to explore more… 🙂

  3. @HDReader~ha ha man u had this time…revenge of “he invented” post ha 😀 …well 35% evilness was when i started this blog then I got it evaluated …from the the evilness has increased ..isn’t it 😉 …so the 40% 🙂 🙂 yup rusty window behind the soul..

    @Soul&body~ yeah its true that site is 35%evil as calculated by Gematriculator in this site 🙂

    U need to fill in url and it will calculate how much evil ur site is :)…
    Thanx for appreciating the poem :)..u r an inspiration to this poet 🙂

    Akshay ~ hmm well that only the ppl who saw me that day can say…I really dont rem much of this..lots of things happened i did whole night..as i have never taken that stuff..After that i have totally said no it..tings i can’t handle y to play with it….the post due to length problem didn’t give full account :),,,
    seriously dost I am nothing jus a shadow..u ca see how well ppl like..my friend Simply simon,Meenakshi Singh to name a few writes..
    You have a great ability..infact i really liked it so much..morover its the way how u express.. :)I am glad u liked my style 🙂 infact honoured !! thanx so much for making my day 🙂

  4. Blimey!!!
    You shall be prosecuted by the higher courts for giving drinks a mythical legendary image…
    Every person who becomes a drunkard from the moment they read your post will be your responsibility… [;-)]
    *external commentary* PRICKY EVIL THOU ESSENCE

    Moving on to answer your question about whats between sky and surface of earth…
    The correct answer would be gravity!!!
    good work with picture attribution…

  5. @Pricky~ To the master I bow! I pledge here to took the responsibility if someone start drinking after reading this description…I would personally like to meet them and congratulate he he 🙂

    ha ha but gravity is down..it pulls to earth’s core..so and acc to sciences its value is higher at the core..so we can cell gravity is some monster sucking us in the core 🙂 so between the sky and earth is air 😉 obviously gravity pulling down..

    @Soul&body~ hmmm seriously…ur site evilness is higher…aah!! thats y the say the evil damsel..may b ur beauty upholds the inner desires of ppl who visits u :)..

    for u 😉 ->

    The stranger eyes
    sequacious beauty the heart feels and sighs..
    loosing the cay of my mind every mile
    the wonders u do..the chillness induced
    with your hypnotic smile…

  6. Not only I thought I was blind when I couldn’t find the comments link but you made me look into the dictionary to understand the whole poem!
    I’m definitely coming back here!

  7. A wonderful blog with thoughtful poetry and other informative content.
    Thanks for leaving your word of appreciation on my blog.
    My best wishes to you. Happy blogging.

  8. @Blue Ice Envy~ hmmm actually may b the colour confuses…Wordpress doesn’t give me enough freedom to ply with the template..sryyy
    Thanx and welcome to my blog 🙂

    @Surjit~ thanx for coming…love the work u r doing..its really gr8…for long time i was hunting something like this 🙂 keep up the good work

  9. nice piece of entertainment…with sound effects too… i could acutally imagine seeing it… 😛 But still i cant believe u did that… or is it just ur imagination?

  10. dude…
    whiskey in the vicinity of a mobile phone is a potent combination…
    have a friend, who when wasted calls up anybody from his contacts and starts talking jibberish which ultimately leads to abuses… 😀

  11. @Sophiagurl~ ..Thanx :):) yeah the ramblings got really funny…i really made a fool of myself

    @Divya~ he he thanku hai…yup did that 😦 not imagination..

    @Humbl Devil~very true …point taken..but now i dont intend to do it :)…abuses lot of abuses i have got! he he…

  12. won’t comment about the rambling… been there done that.. if you know what i mean….and it has not been always funny…poem is good….

  13. Hello !!
    Hey DC or BC m confused… but what to say ….
    Its worth a BC !!

    poem is cool but there are a few things that i will like to suggest in private …
    m feeling jealous …
    but its good … atleast one of us can talk senti …

    Baki i will call n say ….

    will call u soon …
    take care
    urs …

  14. looks like I will have to write another post on no alcohol day!!;)

    What an excuse to tring tring a sexy voice.. uui uui…
    good one..

    The poem is amazingly written.. looking forward to more…

  15. Anks~uuhooo aaya nahi shuru ho gay hai!!
    hmmm so talked to u..will try to implement what u said… :)or jealous kis baat ka bhai..:) what is mine is urs (jst spare my future wife please!)
    Me Thinks~ yup sure …hey no excuse …seriously i dont knw who i was calling..my frens told me what all i did..
    n in my blog i have advocated not to consume alcohol
    welcome to my place

  16. @SS ~ I know simon very well know..n i know its not funny as i might have made it appear..I just want to ask ..y we have to resort to it..it remind me of u wanna scratch walls..u shout but voice doesn’t comes out… 😦

    glad u liked poem..i guess ur comments were getting stuck in this stupid wordpress spam filter ..somehow sryy

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