Voices,deja-vu and phoenix..(I)



“Don’t go too far; don’t go so that I can’t see you”

“Will you remember this day?”

“How long do I have to remember it?” came the reply

He said, “try to remember it always, remember that you and I made this journey that we went together to a place where there was nowhere left to go

—adapted “Namesake”


The mist was covering his eyes. He was trying to focus his eyes behind his specs so that he can see in the fog. A sense of chillness can be felt around. He cleans his specs again and again due to the moist forming by heavy breathing because of treading the pathway to nearest bus stop. He looks over the signs of any life at this late hour. Still the scurrilous fog was not permitting anyone to enter. He pushes both hands in his jacket to take some warmth from the inside of his body. It does helps a bit but the darkness pretending to be his friend was weakening him. Suddenly a hand comes and pulls him out from the mystic river. His heart suddenly bumps and exhales silent scream. The anonymity of moment takes him aback.

He gasps questioning “who are you?”

Disillusioning him and the anonymity, headlights of far bus makes everything near him shine with vociferous intensity speaking a far distant story. His eyes stretches, his lips twisted. He sees a feminine beauty, white cloth savoring her skin. In this weather also he can see the minuscule drops of perspiration on her neck giving a feel as she just came out of shower and going to dry, hair fidgeting with and flirting with those…”those eyes” a darken land it felt prohibiting the trespassers. It appeared many have tried to indulge in the deed to elude the shades of those soporific eyes.

However something was missing, something disturbing, this hand of angel… did it came to save him? A smirk on her dry lips flows, perhaps…perhaps…something is unsaid…something she wishes to say. He comes near her evading all fears but what is this, why she is trying to keep a distance? He starts pacing towards her and she eluding…but why?

Now the question in his mind changes from why she caught him …pulled him…to why she is getting away.

Unknown streets he crosses and she running with the same intensity…they take many corners sometimes it felt he lost her…but then again the spark of some light from distant gives him ‘her’ location. Suddenly she slows down on a dead end .Overjoyed he increases his pace .but as soon he was going to hold her hand she takes a flight in air…In a moment of reaction he jumps…and drops on the earth with clutched hand…perplexed. He feels his hand moist…moist with the drops of her perspiration…he gets up rubbing his thumb and fingers feeling the moistness of her in his hand.

Somewhere near… the light again beams as if sounding premorse…


P.S: This is not a story. Characters here are emotions personified…



32 thoughts on “Voices,deja-vu and phoenix..(I)

  1. @Humbl devil~ No mate thats not hat m trying to mean here… 🙂 there is something else…

    @Sophiagurl~ Didi u r very caring.. u r making me addicted to u now.. 🙂 n its nothing like that..anyone can understand this:)

  2. Who are you?
    No one of consequence.
    I must know.
    Get used to disappointment.

    A question though…”premorse”? That’s incredibly and freakishly similar to “mostly dead”.

  3. @surjit~ Thanx alot 🙂

    @friend~ hmmm 🙂 phoenix is next part of this..that will be explaining about this part

    @HDReader~ “premorse” signifies Having the end abruptly truncated, as if bitten or broken off
    its not about disappointment…who m I? HDreader is it for me..or part of interpretation??

    thanx for appreciating pic..:) btw i m saving lot of ur snaps..will be using them in my future post 🙂

    @Rajeev welcome back..long time hope ur exams went well..thanx for appreciating 🙂
    beautiful?? pic or the post?? 😉

  4. D.C. –
    It is part of the interpretation…sort of. It’s also a reference to The Princess Bride. Because it fits if you are writing about true love.

    Even if that’s not the case, everything is made better with a reference to the Princess Bride.

  5. @e~ thanx 🙂 welcome to my place.. but m really stumped with ur blog…:)
    @ss~ really!! its very closer to what is there inside me..it is dark as it is hidden..it is delicious as u savor it every moment… a dark chocolate 🙂 …arousing titllating…n as it melts n gone..u want more..
    @HDReader~ have not read that..Princess bride..is it the one with westley and buttercup??
    yeah here I didn’t mean it like a story..its a chase..its not bout love…though( but somewhere deep it is..cause love is the cause of it)

  6. so whats it about really?
    Getting to touch but not getting to keep.
    the relief of knowing you could but the preplexity of not understanding what happened…
    So essentially you never had her but then you did have an impression of her and because of whch you now have an experience t go by not a void.
    You got something. A something more than a lot of people can ever get.
    The her isnt the point possibly neither is the it…
    its about the impression you felt.
    premorse is a hopeful word if you see it as i see it or do you see it as i see it?

  7. Dreamcatcher…..
    We all keep on searching for the purpose of life…
    We get it, loose it, it becomes a game of hide and seek…
    The composition is brilliant and thought provoking…
    Take care…

  8. @jattz~thanx jattz

    @pRicky~aah!! my bro..u have given so many ways to it…really its so much..like u said to me today that u r not interpreting..thanx..u r crowd apart..but anyway i did tell u my interpretation today…i guess i will have to post it in the next post with phoenix…
    i do feel stupid though..my inarticulate thots

    @deepti~ Thanx for appreciating..u gave a new meaning to this composition..though i was not thinking about this while penning it down..we can interpret in this way too..
    but this is not what I want to say..

  9. Ani~ I really wanted to speak thru this post something which i do feel personally..but guess everyone has there own way of understanding this..

    if u have read phoenix i guess u might have guessed it…woman..is shadow ..shadow of past..a phoenix..dies n reborn again..

  10. Intriguing it is !! And the twist in reflecting the human mentality of understanding the next moment while completely forgetting the previous one is well captured !
    Good work !

  11. true… a woman here is a shadow… the phoenix… but when you think about why she died and the reasons why she is reborn it kind of puts emotions into overdrive… it’s like there was pain… she suffered.. maybe even sacrificed…

    the reborn part can have two meanings… ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!’ or ‘forgiveness thy name is a woman!’ 🙂 take ur pic!

    And yes dreamcatcher.. its a million beautifully expressed emotions that come through… but all of them have a common outline.. pain! (anythin i can do to bring a smile?!)

  12. Ani~ u na…u never leave anything for me to complete..he he..i m just stunned…n shocked right now..just perfect..P-E-R-F-E-C-T

    …u unknowingly did something to bring that smile…sashtaang pranaam devi

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