Voices,deja-vu and phoenix..(II)

and phoenix…



A call in the night living

Standing hands make it moving

Life… A swollen river

Mystic blue, cutting to self believing


It’s not dead, it’s not living either

Spark that shines spin and wither

Somewhere it belong, somewhere in oblivion

They say it cranes of sand in the deep ocean


I tread my way saying the name

It pulls me over and then plays the game

I trade it with all my wishes

The sleepy eyes and thousand kisses


Sweet sorrow, the ghosts of tomorrow

Crossing lies and wisp of harrow

Chasing ways, facetious you

 Hapless eyes doesn’t construe


Regurgitated journey of fallacy began

The phoenix of shadows crashes and burns

to rise again….


The pic above is courtesy: Hidyn Gems


42 thoughts on “Voices,deja-vu and phoenix..(II)

  1. pRicky ~ aaoohchh!! got pricked…:) i know what u mean..it will happen..i hope soon..phoenix is fighter..it has courage to bring itself back..even the process is excruciating

  2. Dude u write wonderful poems man!
    “It’s not dead, it’s not living either

    Spark that shines spin and wither

    Somewhere it belong, somewhere in oblivion

    They say it cranes of sand in the deep ocean” Loved these lines!

    peace & love

  3. and about the signature i created a signature using photoshop!
    and uploaded the pic in photobucket.
    copied the link and pasted it in my Blog post section of my template!
    at the end of the blog post code i mean but before the tags are closed!

    peace & love

  4. Arpz~ thanx 🙂 🙂 welcome to my place

    humbl devil~if it was in our hands..he shd have already done with it..no one likes to b in this state 🙂 its just depends how much the force is being carried..to push away it takes the time..depending on energy

    Surjit~ Thanx bro 🙂 ur blog inspires alot

    Rajeev~ 🙂 thanx…a writer like u when says this ..it makes ma day.. and thanx for telling me bout the signature..u r the best..so many talents u have…every time u amaze us..

  5. Dude im really not that great as u think da!
    I too am struggling just like everyone in this big bad world!
    and about the HTML stuff, its a piece of cake. absolutely nothing at all. u can do it urself just by seeing the source code! 🙂

    peace & love

  6. Hey buddy,
    sounds so much like mine,the things i have felt in the past few days and have kind of incorporated in my compositions…
    I dont know if this is how a collective consciousness is built…

  7. Sophiagurl~yes very true…thats how the shadows of apst are generated with tears in our eyes

    Rajeev~yeah m also in the same ship..
    HTML i know my way around but this wordpress is not allowing me to customize it unless i pay them 😦 in future i guess i will have to do that..

    deepti~ hi there..really felt somehow good when i saw ur comment..i guess u r rite about collective consciousness..this only sometimes binds us..in strange way..hard to comprehend..
    i can c in ur words..ur compositions..the way u have given the words a new life is really gr8 n i also felt humbly there around the corner..

    welcome aboard mate…

  8. Rajeev~ I know..I want to..but actually now again there will be problem for the ppl which have linked me n come regular here..plus its a tough ask once started..my archieves are here ..n due to prohibition i cant even copy my old archives n save shift it to new place…
    u got any suggestion m really in a fix..here most of javascripts doesn’t work..its really a pain..even i cant put a proper tagboard..

    Shruti~ Hi ..thanx shruti 🙂

  9. Rajeev~yeah thanx for coming up yaar really appreciate it..will think about someway once m done with my other work

    Jattz~ Thanx man !!

    Phoenix~ heyy !! welcome to my place..now thats a surprise 🙂

  10. Rajeev~ yes u r right..n anytime u need me..i wld b more than happy of any help mate :)…
    actually first time i sued the font which was really very artistic but i opened ma blog at office it was not supporting that..just big arial font was coming..so have to revert back something general.. :)..
    Good that u liked it 🙂

    Ani ~here comes the angel with her wings brushing by ma side… well motee beauty lies in the eyes of beholder..what do u say :)…I guess u very well contemplated what i was trying to put in words

    suray~thanx suray..welcome to my place.!

  11. I have already read it thrice ! I have struggled to understand something…. Its not the words, those are beautiful. Its the idea that these lines come from. Its the depth which I am not able to match or probably making my own guesses about what I want to understand.
    The lines are mesmerising, atleast I am stuck till those are explained ….. Beautiful composition !

  12. Akshay~ yeah its bout more of idea..that has troubled me for long..its not about the depth i guess..as u said once..its the way we perceive..it may b different for me..
    as per explanation…just simple stuff “It” is past…n the phoenix are shadows of that past..

    everytime it dies but with the tears it comes back to life..the moments the…woh yaadein

    🙂 If you want I will explain all the lines as per my perspective…do lemme knw

  13. i m speechless !
    no words to define the beauti of it spl the lines

    Sweet sorrow, the ghosts of tomorrow

    Crossing lies and wisp of harrow

    Chasing ways, facetious you

    Hapless eyes doesn’t construe

    beautiful !

  14. I dont know how but u kind of reflect most of the things i write….
    Sumthing stirs my sixth sense ven i read ur blog…
    So hw u doin/

  15. Deepti~ somehow somewhere..it belongs to u also i guess…may b thats y..may b this connects…feelings..dont knw how they work..but it works in unknown way…how this energy goes..m really spell bounded how it comes back..
    m doing ok 🙂

    Andrew~thanx andrew..i have always appreciated the way u have put things…hard feelings??? no nothing..obviously not..its jst a sad exp…
    u r good at what u do..tk mate 🙂

    Akshay~ hmmm have been there n now m lost somewhere..the ques what i guess really that troubles..
    “Why” i have not found any answers…yet

    HDReader~ Too good interpretation HD..hats off!!! so nicely u have put everything in just few lines…amazing…!!..

  16. Dont be troubled, lets see it merely as collection of words with beautiful meaning ! You are good and so was your composition n beyond that everything is fake … jus a passing fancy……. hai na 🙂

  17. Tapasya~ thanx…but errrr swollen river..a concept?

    Akshay~ I shut my eyes to c…:) give me ur eyes i can perceive:)…but we both know its more than that…just a passing fancy..a sweet idea..:)..yes woh to hai

    sweetgirl~ thanx 🙂

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