This is the translation of a poem which I wrote in hindi yesterday night…


You can find the original poem in my Hindi poem’s archieve..”Nishabd”.



I want to thanks Akshay for this. The English version is slightly abridged because of exact translation was a difficult task. I tried my best to justify it. Don’t know how far I have been successful.



Many times on the shores of sea… I scribble some words…with a broken stick or circles of my fingers…

Every time a wave of sea comes by and takes away with it those words inside the drops…

Then again somewhere else, on some other shore…

In the damp sand these words prevails. Those words…my words …

which are left….unspoken


A moist fading smile

Indignant or unknown

Through roads on hand

Searching the words that are gone

Somewhere far, through a gleam

In the shadow of dreams

In nameless veins…



Ceased, Standing afore

In the drops, spent the day before

Which drizzled in sleeping eyes

From the twinkling lashes of sky

And in the watch of time

The moment’s reflection stops by



In polish of mirror

Sparkles the expression of glance

Fragrance of this song and in rambling words

Will meet those faces of chance…



Holding silky strands of those tacit plight

Yeah many times lost in the night

Sometimes just so forsaken

In the shelter of lips

Lie some words…UNSPOKEN




38 thoughts on “Unspoken…

  1. wow! little brother you really are a poet! those were really very beautiful. the way you convey your feelings in a poem is really a gift.

    unspoken words are often times our downfall. for sometimes what our hearts are screaming to say our lips are too afraid to utter.

    i have regretted a lot of moments like that in my past because i was too afraid of what the other person would say if i said those “unspoken words”. but then, after years and years have already passed, sometimes i still wonder if my life would be any different if i had spoken those words… i guess now i will never know…because it’s too late.

    it’s often better to say what you really feel than keep it inside. ooops, sorry for the long comment=)

  2. Akshay I guess i need not tell you why…already told u..:)

    sophiagurlwell didi..dont have words to say..so much appreciation!!…i kept on smiling for quite a long time reading ur words..u r very true..unspoken words..a trouble factor..or a sweet sugar..like vicious hidden thing…often lot of things remains unsaid..n u feel y it happened..jst coming out n stopped…
    may b the time stopped us saying those..it was supposed to b so..u really captured the poem:)
    n ur long comments are always welcome…

    Jatzz 🙂 thanx mate 🙂

    surjit man great catch…infact lie is a double sworded word…intentionally used here… :)..thanx 🙂

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  3. I dont have to lie here!
    Everyone knows how good u actually are! 🙂
    Keep writin bro! 🙂 U rock! \m/

    peace & love

  4. sweetgirl~ u r really sweet 🙂 thanx for so much of honour..

    Justso~ yup u r true..hindi poem is far lovely..its just translation of that..n the flow is lost..that poem being scribbled with some gust of thots at that time..so naturally the beauty is lost..I guess i have done injustice by translating it like this..so in future i m going to avoid it…Thanx Arpz..nothing is wrong with u yaar..ppl here most of the readers dont knw hindi..thats y;)

    phoenix~ good that u noticed..i was wondering no one pointed that to me till now..anyways how can that go unnoticed by a writer like u..
    actually this is abridged version of the original poem..also avyakt means unexpressed very true..but those remains unexpressed because of being unspoken :)..so the name..
    here if u read the closing lines
    “Lie the words..Unspoken” means its lying inside the lips..also it means inside of me those words are saying untruth….the words which are unspoken..so it gets differed from hindi one a bit..thatss i changed it to unspoken.. 🙂

  5. Hey u cant extract only the fonts!
    Even in mine it will show the border thas why i edited the template. actually first the pic border was 1px so made it 0px
    thas why u dont see the border for all the pics in my blog! 🙂

  6. In casu u havent noticed. i too have put up a pic itself! u can right click on my signature and see for urself!
    its just the background color of the sig,, i used the same color as the template! 🙂
    thas why u see only my signature and not the border! 🙂

    peace & love

  7. sharad Thanx sharad 🙂

    Rajeev Man! ur really great..u really took so much pain in telling me all this..thank u thank u so much…yeah i did observe its a pic..i dont know how to set pic border in the wordpress..because of may restriction its hard to do that..i need to find a way..otherwise have to do with this only..okay so i got ur ideas…will take care of what u told me..will try to fix if possible.. thank u so much..dont have enough words..:)

    Maruthamthanx 🙂 keep visiting

    soul&body so finally u r back..gr8

    Andrew its how the dilemma comes in..what to say n what not..may things are left unspoken coz of this n we feel whats gone..

  8. Hello my friend,
    The translation works for me, but as with anything it pays to read it several times to appreciate the words being conveyed.
    I think it is absolutely wonderful, thank you.
    Many words lie within us and remain unspoken, then we think to ourselves ‘If I had said….’, but we are mere mortals and sometimes miss the opportunities without realising that they won’t pass our way again.
    Keep up the great work.

  9. Random Magus~AAhhh!! again..hmmm let me think..

    CotojoOh! m on sky ride now…thanks so much..whatever u said is true..thast what..but some words are good left unspoken :)…

    Rajeev~ Hmm okay from now no thaks…buddies right?

    Nepali Akash~ hey thanks mate 🙂

  10. perhaps the sea needs only to borrow for a while,
    your words of endearment to make the sun smile,
    though almighty on earth, yet short of words,
    short of the wings, that it sees on the birds.

    when imagination takes flight, there is eternity to land,
    yet all it chooses to borrow, is your words on the sand,
    many a traveller grew tired of this ratrace,
    yet not one of them walked into its brace.

    Like others before me have said, any comments are best left unsaid. The unspoken has its own charm of speaking in riddles. The could bes, the had beens, the has beens and the will bes. A whole repertoire of tricks it does conceal, in its language, silence.

  11. dream catcher if it was you who wrote this poem you should feel ashamd! i am a paki and this is offensive to my religion, i want you to delete it otherwise i am sending it to the police. also i am nathanial i i hate this powem to i live in clapham junction near the bank if you want to come and speak to me about it!

  12. @rim elharam: lolzz.. bro have you even read the poem. please elucidate to me how you find it against..and gimme one damn reason to be ashamed of my poetry.. just dont talk nonsense lest you have enough points to validate it.. otherwise I will block ur ip for spamming

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