And she smiled…


And she smiled…, playing hide and seek with her shawl with perspicuity of her face, bequeathing the fraternity of eyes gleaming an insane quirkiness of the skinny corner meet. The timid lips, a harridan possessed by the spirits of heart doing voodoo on the others. This smile was perhaps a symbol of euphemism of the goons like a penguin flight. It does flaps but in a sense to mock the indigence of its flight.

It’s been days, this new revelation at this hour of her age was creating a new ogling dynasty. The euphoria of moment was kicking the child in her heart defying the father brain. She was standing with feline elegance even though the posture was uncomfortable.

“What it is”, she asks herself for a reclusive answer. She finds herself in space recalling the first time she saw him across the bony buildings on the terrace gazing at her intently. Buildings are they alive? Can they see her inherent adultery which was piercing her tepid skin? She gazes again through the corner if he was still looking at her and yet again to find comfort with the fact that he is.

Building they say they breed lives but how dead they are, She finds herself at peace that they are nothing but container and can’t elude her surreptitious smile knowing the fact that she has been married for last 5 yrs .

No, this is not wrong, just a mere watchful eyes and am a sinner. No ways

She walks away from her balcony back to her room which was looking at her in retrospection. Here she came as married girl but it’s so strange how the spark withers. I know he loves me and I too but I miss the days of being felt special. Love is not a ritual to be performed .It also doesn’t mean you understand and I understand sometime. Love also means to make me feel loved, she confides to herself.

She goes back to her best friend, her mirror and intently gazes her own self being iterated through other side of dead walls and light. “Do I still look beautiful” she asks with smile. Trying to search the answers in her own lips as they are going to say “yes you do” The glances of other guy across the building has made her feel euphoric again. She finds peace after a long time.

Mere a glance can do wonders, be it first time being looked across the benches or the last time being bade bye by the loved ones. The glances create hitches. Goosebumps they say is highly contagious to the functional mechanism of the body, they affect all. This new discovery of her, did make her see beauty around.

She was lost in her own paraplegia dream. The sudden cacophonous ring of telephone wakes her up. Irritated she walks to take the call, uttering to herself ” These phones seems to have animosity of some kind”. Anyhow forcing euphony in her voice she asks

Who is this?”

“Hi care for coming to taste my new invention”

What the crap, annoyed she says somehow “Sure why not”

Conversation really amuses the way it goes. Mind speaks to heart, heart speaks to tongue, and Brain interrupts controlling the signals of tongue. The tongue making a balance act does salsa with teeth to utter the words and flows to reality.

She locks the flat and goes to her neighbor.

Woman! woman! Without a talk, like thirsty ship for a walk.

This time her mind has let her dwell farther while having conversation. Circumlocution is also an art, and she being connoisseur somehow manages to bring the question which has been captive for quite a while

“Who is the guy in the red building, seems he is preparing for some exams, looks to me quite diligent”

“Hmm who? Oh that around the corner one…but?


“How can you say that he studies?”

“Every morning he is there on his rooftop, I guess for studying only”

“But how can he study, the guy … He is blind”


Taken aback with revelation of moment, she tightly held her hand. She looks back at her friend sitting near bit puzzled.

And she smiles…




37 thoughts on “And she smiled…

  1. Good one. Sort of guessed it 😛
    Love also means to make me feel loved, she confides to herself.

    Rightly put, at least thats what women believe 🙂
    Send the poor hgottie’s husband to me…he needs a few revive-your-romance tips 🙂

  2. aaaah ! love, the eternal enigma!
    somehow though, love denigerates into selfishness when thoughts like i need to be cared too come up …*sorry – im just thinking aloud*

  3. really good one!!! Woman are quite like dat…dey love attention of any form, but dey’ll never admit it.
    Love is special..and i am sure it revives itself,,,u dont actually do it..but its a vicious circle dat’ll reconstruct itself again n again!

  4. Thoughts put in the form of a nice story… Its true that everybody likes to know that they r the ‘special one’ in someone’s life… its a great feeling… I feel people are constantly in seek of that feeling…. And i deleted it… 🙂 Felt can do it better…

  5. Phoenixhe he…sure give me ur add 😉

    Aman Thanx aan..n the honour is mine 🙂

    KayleeThanx kaylee , welcome

    Just soSo as I, but its a part right…u r being loved n the desire is always there..whether take it as purist way or not

    AkanshaThanx akansha he truly said..revive..hmmm..pata nahi..he he

    divi: Thanx..u shd not have deleted..yeah what we seek we dont get but..kher..

  6. Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~ as Mark Twain puts it. Nice one brother…very very intriguing. couldn’t wait to know what will happen next…there is a next post i suppose? hope you’re feeling better now. have a nice evening. =)

  7. LOVE is…
    No bleeding blimey idea!!!
    ha ha
    isn’t love too over rated?
    Interesting inferences…
    Do an alternate ending one…
    something like the girl being schizophrenic or the guy being a psycho
    or a her being a ghost….
    or dont listen to me I am farking barmy… Its raining here and it makes me respond oodly…
    Say Wha??

  8. niceeee. though to be honest about it i don’t think this was love. this was infatuation. we humans have this annoying tendency to exaggerate our feelings heheh! [that includes me ;)]

  9. yes bro! 🙂
    ur really good at this!
    Im not tellin u to stop poetry! but u shud also write more of these along with that! 🙂

    peace & love

  10. SophiagurlBeautifully put!! :)…well i guess this was the only part sis..This is starts with smile and ends with a smile..
    Is it incomplete??

    Rajeev: 😆 thanx bro ..will try to put more of this..but m not so creative like u..everytime u amazes with totally different story n description..:)

    Pricky: yeah may b love is overrated pricks..u r right on the point..
    ending i thot this is the ending…
    shd i write one?? i made it open..start with smile n ends with one..with two different kind of feeling…aaah!! pricks doesn’t like rain???

    Quotes: whoa!!!!! thats a big surprise of the morning…Thanx alot!!!

    Utopia: U r right i didn’t say that gal is in love with blind guy…its about the love of wife n husband i was trying to make a point on…
    n the desire of woman to b felt special always even though she is married ..its enticing ..she wants to know from her inside that ppl notices her…likewise…:)

  11. Good read !! Looks like you know women psychology even more than they themselves know. Was waiting for the interpretations before I commented.
    Nice perceptions and top of that nicely created story !

  12. hey there Mr.coincidence…
    Brilliant, every word of it. A good insight u have expressed n given a right turn at the critical point, the nuances perfectly handled.
    U r good buddy, very good with words.

  13. Sophiagurl:hmmm I cld have done that but then the meaning i wnated to put will go off.:)

    pRicky: chal bhai sahi hai…che chaap chaiii…

    Akshay:hmmm really do i know them??? i guess not re..thanx 🙂

    deepti: ailaaa ye kya naam ho gaya bhala…thanx deepti..thanx a bunch 🙂

  14. She goes back to her best friend, her mirror and intently gazes her own self being iterated through other side of dead walls and light….’
    Wonderful and true depiction of woman psyche..
    Another good post,Dream Catcher.My best wishes.

  15. soul&body: hiii m fine how bout u..

    sophie: thanx sophie its an honour to have you here

    raghu ram prasad thanx bro 🙂

    surjit: thanx alot surjit u always pick the right lines 🙂

  16. Read this one today…u call it a story, but i am nt sure as its nt a fiction becoz it has gorgeous facts abt a woman’s feelings and again it not factual as it tells how eloquent thoughts can be
    u know wat its simply BEAUTIFUL 🙂
    and i loved when u say…”She gazes again through the corner if he was still looking at her and yet again to find comfort with the fact that he is. “

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