.D.O.T. (A poet’s reminiscence)

In The crowd or alone

The clandestine affair of enigmatic clone

Unturned pages of book unknown

Showing DOT a seed not sown


Under the bridge frozen space so phoney

Flashing dazzled night of symphony

Intimidated by the pouring rain

Pervious DOT goes in vain


DOT by DOT going the mystery

Weaving the mangled tapestry

Making pattern of dusted faces on shore

DOT with DOT coming afore


A desert here and a desert there

Differential of heart and mind to pair

All that pretentious is a Line

Frisking corners of soul for a sign

Nothing within, nothing is thine

Just a vernacular DOT is mine…


Follow up–> .D.O.T.(Requiem of a painter)


46 thoughts on “.D.O.T. (A poet’s reminiscence)

  1. Hey as i said…dis post was just amazing…Dots are really significant. I, personally, cannot write without Staccatos… Dese dots make so much a part of wtever i write.Uncertainity,Continuity,Presence,or Absence..A Dot can really ahve so many meanings. Gr8 post!!!

  2. lovely as always!
    and bout the template i fogot to change it da, so had to edit the templte all over once again! thas why im still here! :((

  3. Akansha: yeah they form a part of writing..on surface we can say that..but they do mean much more than that…thanx 🙂

    Soul&body: y it was a stupid thing ??? m puzzled now

    Rajeev: thanx brother..aahh! thats really painful task..has happened with me too

    Rashi yeah sentence..life..images..so many things…an omnibus..

    kaylee: thanx kaylee:) yeah i saw that..felt sad ..

    phoenix: aaiiii ye aap keh rahi ho..really!!! something wrong with my verses..?

    Sophie: hi thanx..i guess u know already.:)

    Keshi: thanxxx..:) welcome to my place too

  4. very nice little brother…another deep and beautiful poem. =) the dot is very important, often taken for granted, for without it connections could never be made=)

  5. Hey there Mr.coincidence…
    I have stopped wondering abt the coincidences now, u have again stolen my still unpenned thoughts…
    Must accept it now, by the way u said, [our writings r coincidental bt lives not, how much do we know each other?] 🙂

  6. Kaylee: good to hear that…:)


    jattz: thanx bro.. sry for the tag 🙂

    celestine: thanx for coming..looking fwd to c u again

    sohpiagurl: again I must say on surface ..we can see that way..:)

    deepti: hmm so i got a new namesake now..ha ha..really did i steal them 😆 …n bout ur other ques..i answered that..check ur comment box 😉

  7. Layers r evident n the heart underneath is so often left uncovered…
    All i hope is u soon get over it…

  8. Hummm….curious how dot and knot rhyme. AS usual I must read it again and again…..for me always ever seeking a poet’s true meaning. And, this one is a tough one. So back I go to re-read this poem DOT. Although as my husband drives a truck over here in the US. I must admit it is hard for me to cypher through this because DOT in trucker’s langauge stands for Department of Transportation. A governing body…..curious that I should think of that. Because it something that governs or controls….very curious and what an odd coincedence. You continue to amaze me with your beautiful words.

  9. D.O.T.S…….
    In first instance it appears like yet another IT term cut short 😉 … jokes apart !! I think I have said enough on how you write, this time I will reply little differently on DOT. That’s another poet’s reminisince, something I was told when I was small, guess 8 yrs old…. Thanks! Your lines actually reminded me something that I was told which was

    ‘Bindu’ bolo to ek sifar hai
    Ya shayad, kisi rekha ki shuruat,
    Sirf dekhne ka nazariya hai
    Jodo to rekha, todo to khaak !

    samjho to bindu samuchi dhara hai
    ya dhara mein bas ik kan pada hai!
    kehne ko bindu kuch bhi nai hai
    samjho to bindu se hi jag bhara hai !!

    Keep writting and continue rocking 🙂

  10. Shinade ha ha..shinade its not any department..:) its for dot only..n wow! dot and knot rhymes ..so closely u got..kewl…:)

    Raka : thank u hai 🙂

    Akshay : OMG tumne to gazab kar diya..:) its so good that u picked these lines here..

    bindu door se ek boond hai
    paas aa jao to dariya hai…
    khala ki sargoshiyan kehdo
    ya ek sangeet ka antara hai..

    but this is more than all this..;)

    Utopia..I just elucidated..meaning it always had 🙂 n what a perfect thing u said..no end and no beginning..jst perfect

  11. Wow.. Beautiful! I especially loved the hindi bit too. Hmm, plenty of archives hain, lots to catch up, I guess 🙂

    Well, thanks for dropping by, giving me a link upto here.

    BTW, how come I cant see your profile?

  12. Life never ends……..
    it goes on forever, u in sumone else will survive……….
    We r cursed by the greatest boon that we cud ever recieve buddy.
    Think abt it.

  13. the soul never dies, the physical body might die but we, the inner person stays, the god and satan within us survive forever.
    Well the greates boon aby which we have been cursed is life my dear.

  14. This is a real good work..Very deep and powerful!
    Great Going man!!

    ( I am just here….My dots started disapperaing ..was trying to find them)

  15. Yeah online….thanx. U r an amazing writer man….May I ask whats the inspiration for this piece is..that is if u dont mind…

  16. Nainy: Thanx 😉 hope to c u around ..n profile i have kept it anon..
    as per profile..m a poet( as i think so), a dreamer, a lazzy chap

    Tapasya: “Line” says it all…
    All that pretentious is a Line

    Aman thanx…. m honoured n speechless..on cloud nine ride 😉

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  18. 🙂 a very quiet lil smile….
    she knows exactly what u mean…. and all she will say is ‘dot to dot….. tats the way life moves on and connections form!’

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