.D.O.T. (Requiem of a painter)

Follow up –> .D.O.T.(A poet’s reminiscence)

A stack of pencil, an eraser and a sketchbook are kept side by side on a table in a shady room with dim light. A lamp stood on the table under which a hand is moving clamorously, restless. The hand picks the sketchbook and switches on the lamp. Its been days the hand couldn’t find peace. With the profanity of time it had got used to holding brushes and moving in dancing carousal. It has become his intrinsic property now. Different shades of colour embodied on it is vocalizing the fact ,It has always found the peace with its surreptitious affair with the brushes, However today it is perplexed by its master deep thought..

This has to be my masterpiece, my soliloquy“, he says as if commanding hand to just bequeath his alma mater and make him a witness of a new history being sublimed in the canvas . He holds the canvas near him and he could see the marks beckoning in light and dark shades. Still unsatisfied he picks up his eraser and rubs frantically, still various pieces of dots were revolting.

The dots .the mistakes as he perceived. He wondered how these mistakes change everything. Mistakes as done in large number, they become a truth…a law…these mistakes become then acceptable.

At last“, he says, “at last the mistakes are showing a truth in them, may be this is the masterpiece, I am endowed for

..The dots were making a mark showing a change and they were becoming a part of his drawing…

Pacified with his new found imagery, the hand stopped its clutter. Taking a euphoric stance the hymn began.

Through the silhouette of galleries not shown, through the evanescent bromidic shady corners not known and through the creaky doors of hall of soul, the viviparous lead gives birth to misbegotten ingénue out of dipsomaniac adventure.

The master of hand raises the child out of sheer euphoria in the air. A self complacent smile appears on his face, but still he feels there is something amiss. Again the hand becomes baffled. Constant persiflage with his tool was also not giving much of comfort.

Deep the master goes, in his own world. In the canvas was lying a lady with inane sadness on her face. The phlegmatic eyes were arousing deep suspicion of her inability to pacify her begetter.

Suddenly the master jumps as if found a whole new territory. As if putting his flag to mark the territory as his own, he reaches for the sketch. On the forehead of her he baptizes the opus with a DOT.

Such is the seduction of magnanimity of the moment and such is the lewdness of the euphoria, precipitating all your moments’ weakness it takes you on a ride with neurons bashing each cell to mock on its own glibness. He brings the sketch near him and says


A sudden thunder fills the laden silence. It could not be heard yet it was clear for him. The whiteness of the sketch through the Grey dots started breaking. Lady started coming alive with drapes of different colours separating through the white.

Colours are babies of white. It’s been always so, the scions after birth surrender there own sire. White looses its own identity and disintegrates. It’s so easy for the shades to come out and even though high precision is used there is always a drop difference to get the pure white back.

The drapes surrounding the lady start unfolding and circumscribing the master. Uproar was in motion with each drape, each shade warbling in vie. The master felt first time how it is to be like weightless. His magnum opus was itself honouring him in the convivial. This tasted like joy. It tasted like anodyne.

Finally an anodyne…

Next morning in the neighbourhood a garrulous television was shouting”…Yesterday the great painter died because of cardiac arrest. However the body was found in a mangled state, police is baffled with unusual appearance of the detritus body. The body was found in his room with torso on the table and was covered with different sheets of cloth except the chest where a sketch of lady was kept. On removing the sketch something in white was discovered. A large white DOT…”


36 thoughts on “.D.O.T. (Requiem of a painter)

  1. hmmm and the plot thickens…each post is always mysterious. i often wonder if i get it right the first time, so i have to read it over. very nice play with words little brother. =)

  2. Oh but how lovely as the veils begin to unfold…because it is beneath the veil- that true beauty lies. As always I am in awe of your talent and brilliant mind!~Jackie

  3. Can I take the liberty to interpret please ?
    This article is a culmination of an artist, someone who is a poet, a writer and a sketcher. Someone who can think like all of these so passionately.
    The whole plot is awesome, loved it. But at the end I just wondered why this artict gave an artist such a tragic end. May be reality bites but here it was too bitter for me to digest.

    If it were not this end, I am not sure if it could make this impact.

    You are too good at keeping your readers mesmerised, right from beginning till end and may be after that also. I will go read it again…… aur haan please apni dictionary reference bhi bata do 😉 I seriously would need to work on my vocab to keep coming back here…. else I am gone 🙂

  4. Ye waala samajh mein aa gaya! Last poem ke heavy words ki imagery mein confuse ho gayi thi…too many pictures came to mind. This ones’ good, expectedly tragic (I hate it when I can anticipate it) but the imagery is super0duper powerful.
    Still, if you dont mind may I say something…the words you use are always so heavy that they sometimes begin to hinder the flow of reading…in the sense the meaning the image and the impact of your creation is romantic to the point of being lyrical, but sometimes unnecessarily picked words hinder the melody, e.g. why anodyne? you could easily say analgesic and get the same effect, but just the difficulty in reading (try talking the sentence to urself) coupled with effort in recollecting what it meant break the connect between the mind and the words.
    This, of course, is my opinion, and I’m sorry if something offends you,.

  5. Kaylee: yeah I wrote this myself:lol:, yeah thot of chnaging the template for some time..;)..is it ok.?

    Sophiagurl: thanx sis…:)

    Rashi: thought source…well my life i can say..

    Shinade: thanx jackie u r always liberal in praising me 🙂

    Akshay: everyone has the liberty 🙂 end as such tragic is because i can say its real…inspired with real life sense..everything being personified to a level that it seems to b a far fetched fantasy…

    thanx so much akshay..ha ha mesmerized…really!! is it getting really so difficult?? anyways wil tell u bout the same..

    Phoenix:chalo samjh aa gaya :)..waise anything like this is always an inspiration frm the life itself ..
    n expectedly tragic..well its been always so isn’t it..purposely made it expected…as i didn’t think anything can justify the cause and the effect properly..
    as always what i write is things being personified…the characters are fictitious but feelings that subside are true…

    hmm seriously dont intend to make a word dressing..anodyne was a natural word eg…n it gave me a feeling of lyrical in the sense better than analgesic
    ok let me explain u taking this example..
    analgesic bein synonym refers to just about the drug but anodyne is related not jst about drug as part of today’s english speech it also means the words that relieves the pain..so i used it with double intention..

    Thanks for pointing about that..but mostly the words are picked so as to have double layer beneath them…

    n hey buddy no offense taken..thanx for coming n suggesting..i wil try to b more smooth 🙂

  6. Now i mus say u go deeper with every post. This was a sheer beauty. Your inspiration comes from the real life but you sure have it made it very huge with this piece…
    A real genius!

  7. Keshi..oh keshi thanx alot!! 🙂 n btw u got too good legs..ha ha

    Neo: thanx bro ;0

    Aman:Oh bro!! thanks so so much for everytime putting me on cloud nine 🙂 now its getting in my had ha ha..its just happens..dont knw..i jst blurts out…not saying this to sound humble n get praise..thank u..u made my day 😉

    jattz: hey jattz..ur name always sounds like m on rock n roll..n u do make it roll ..big thanxxxx..3*infinite times 😉

    pRicky: I read CUT..n then i read drowning…please consider what I said..u r damn good…as per fav…:) thanks …
    pricks ur CUT has inspired me ..can i write on that???

  8. DOT is where it started from, a void . and thats where it ended. but with lots of emotions in between, some happy, some content and others of grief.
    a magnificient one.

  9. Well…it was one of those posts which come up rarely…deep in meaning…but sure a gr8 piece.Like the artist who,on finally succeeding was content with himself..i am sure dis would have brought gr8 creative satisfaction to u 2! And nice template!

  10. you want to further CUT???
    Be my guest.
    Your proposal is too overwhelming and your readers wouldn’t approve of a lesser mortal’s words instead of yours.

  11. Sophiagurl:wow! thanks..its sweet 🙂 but m i the right person??

    Anupama: u got it right..plus too add one more thing in a different perspective dot is also what is far..thanx anupama..
    i m so much honoured to meet a peson like u…

    Akansha: thanx for appreciating 🙂 satsisfaction i cant say rather i m bewildered….

    disillusioned: thanxxx 🙂

    pRicky: yeah kind of mate.. n dont wry bout readers mate..u r more than worth for them 🙂 …the real taste of meal is in desert only..as that gives lasting effect n u r one hell of a desert 😉

    soul&body😆 ha ha..tk

    kayleeoh dear thanks…:)

  12. damn! ur getting better and better by the day!
    great goin bro! 🙂
    Nice template btw. did u create that header pic? Looks awesome.
    *sigh* I wish i knew how to use photoshop!

  13. Sophie: cool …u doesn’t love colors..tk 🙂

    Rajeev: Thanx bro..:) header as told u not done in photoshop..i sued everything paint can offer..plus some fonts from the web came handy.. 😉 though this took one of my nights 🙂

    surjit: oh! is it so..the painter deserved that..he was happy 🙂

    cotojothanx cotojo 🙂

    kaylee: hey lil girl 🙂

  14. very vivid imagery… but the dot in the end shud’ve been black n not white…. it’s not pure u knw.. it’s a crazy convoluted mix of pathetic emotions!

  15. It’s strange I come to your blog and you talk about white and over in mine I just talked about how white and black are essentially the same except one is brighter than the other.
    I really liked the imagery and I liked that his ultimate creation was his ultimate end!

  16. Ani: aaiyye..hmm in other perspective it must b white..
    🙂 yup crazy convoluted mix of pathetic emotion..ha ha..:) motee u r getting it..

    Random Magus: yeah i saw ur post..very thoughtful..its lovely.. n how truly said..white n black are essentially same..infact we can also say its an absense of other in one way..like darkness is nothing but an absence of light…

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