Well yesterday Sophiagurl bestowed this award on me.Was fidgeting with the fact to take it or not. I did ask sophiagurl, this is not all about this blog and me but I have been given instruction to do it otherwise biceps of her as shown above gonna give me one soon..

Well this schmooze thing is about how well you schmooch..uhhmm excuse me schmooze πŸ˜‰ other blogs.A born ability to move in the sheets of conversation with other bloggers. the schmoozers ( love this word man!).. as they say have this repertoire that they have crawled in the blogosphere and have captivated the friends by tickling them with all there smiles and the penmanship . They are not just limited to highly frequented blogs but they also keep there arms open to new ones, They engage in meaningful conversation( aah not again !) so they bug you more after saying hello …

Sohphiagurl of Life is just around the corner is one such blogger I must admit. her sweet and encouraging words always find space in the backside of mind and make you sometimes giggle and sometimes indulge you in deep questions. You can see life all over the place so eloquent that you are left enchanted with just mere perspicuity of it.

Well to continue to the trend I need to pass this Hercules biceps so they also can hit others with it.

well the rule is simple just make a post mentioning the source and pass this to other 5 bloggers..irrks schmoozers πŸ™‚

* Pricky of What am I and It so happened: One of the best obnoxious blogger around.A true writer by all means.

* Rajeev of Infinite Dreams: A blogger with multiple talents. poems , vignttes fascinating stories.. you name it.. He has it

* Phoenix of A public Diary:A blogger with full of zest,quest, fun,thoughts,love,smiles,..n on n on n on

* Aman of standby mind: A blogger who is so well in describing things. you will be juts left mesmerised

* Soul&body : A blogger with difference. Cross road of soul and body.

One thing I hate about these kinda stuff is the I can just pass it to 5 other blogger 😦 . There are so many others who have been become a part of my blog life .I wanna thank them for all there support and encouragement..okay enough of lecture..

you all guys rock!! πŸ˜€



22 thoughts on “Schmoooze!!

  1. Ah well well…thanks for the schmooch, oops…schmooze.
    I’d try to use my zest quest fun love smile thoughts etc ( and on and on and on also) and pass it on.

  2. LOL! thanks little brother for the nice compliments and i’m glad to know that my ‘biceps’ finally convinced you to take the award haha! you deserve it. Love the video in the end, so which one are you? Jim Carrey ? haha, Congrats! =)

  3. Phoenix: ohh reallly smoochhed..ha ha..hope to c this at ur place soon πŸ™‚ nahi to ek mukka iddhar se jaayega

    Sophiagurl: yup ur Big BIg scared what to do:) yup jim carrey obviously ha ha…

    Surjit: thank u so much surjit

    Nikita: thanx for coming too ..welcome to my place πŸ™‚

  4. Nice one my friend, alas you are not alone…..I also have the threat of Sophiagurl flexing her muscles if I don’t obey lol. Now I think schmooching maybe better but I think I had better stay with the subject in hand.

  5. well deserved award…u are the best…(applause)

    i’d like to compliment hijacking this oppurtunity that the connection u make in just no time is simply amazing…

    keep sticking around πŸ™‚

  6. Cotojo: Hope to read urs soon..just punch it ..btw smooching is always better..ha ha πŸ˜‰

    Rashi: hmm thanks so much..n really do I make connection?
    m high now..thank u thank u(*bow* to all applauses)..I guess i will b around for sometime..:)

    Aman: Thanx bro..n i hope to c the same in ur blog soon πŸ™‚

    Akansha: thanx so much dost..

    Kaylee: awwl lil buddy…THANXXXXX:)

    Akshay: thank u πŸ™‚

  7. hey congrats man….didnt i comment earlier on this post??? I did i guess….hmmm anyway…read my post again…i was working on it and givin the final touch to it….but u raced against me and commented b4 i finished:)

  8. soul&body: my pleasure..u deserve it buddy

    whatsinaname: yup my lovely lil place..:) welcome here

    Utopia: ha ha..yeah came as fwd mail ..for the xpression of salary bein credited..:)

    jattz: thanx bro..well I did check it again..ha ha..:) m all over there again;)

    sophiagurl: he he 😈

  9. Hey bro! πŸ™‚
    thanx a ton for the award man!
    My internet at home has sccrewed up, i feel so disconnected from the world!
    I will be back soon to read ur posts!

    peace & love

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