Wet sand doesn’t pour

Wet sand doesn’t pour

Dont know why but these words have been reverberating in my mind for a while. Colour of sepia is forming a part of eyes. Somehow there is a need of taking break. Though taking a break now is bit painful .Acknowledgments are really seductive.

It’s been a great journey altogether. Putting everything in words what I felt did take energy. The words which are my life…they are me.

I am really grateful to everyone who gave there time to me and my words…and so many gestures by fellow people have always alleviated my spirit. Infact today also I was surprised to see my blog being selected in top 500 blogs in blogging to fame 🙂

It’s bitter to go, but somehow it’s necessary for me and important for my pursuit. This was a difficult decision to make.

I will be back though; it’s just an intermission meanwhile I will be hovering over your place time to time as reader.

“We are not parallel lines but sure enough to say Asymptote”


74 thoughts on “Hiatus!

  1. hey, i hope the hiatus will be a brief one. but i know you’re doing something important so good luck little brother and hope to catch you later. Congratulations on being considered at the top 500 blogs to Fame! Ciao for now. =)

  2. Oh my dear dream catcher….I do so hope your break brings you wonderful and new inspiration. I will miss you so much. But, I will be waiting for you. May the great spirit stay near you on this new journey. ~Jackie

  3. Awwwwww well ok you do deserve a break! where u headed tho? please be back soon….have fun& chillax.
    Abt your last blog…need i say more? Just brilliant.

  4. Hey DC

    Since few days, Its been my routine to come n visit distantcords right after Aaadee..I am sure this break is gonna get you more energy to be back and get us even better stuff to read !!

    Enjoy to the extremes !!

    We will surely be here when you get back..!!

    Good Luck !!

  5. i thought it was me who is taking abreak….lekin ye kya….i am still here in the break..and u’re not.i hope evrything is fine…tk cr..and come back soon.

  6. deja vu !just like the other blog, the moment i got onto ur blog u leave/take a break.Enjoy ur sabbatical or whatever it is u going to do!

  7. oh darn. just when i drop into your blog for the first time(and quite like it, if i may say so), you decide to take a hiatus. talk about ironies of life.

  8. Congratulations on your pre-selection on BTF. I hope that you return from your hiatus with some more wonderful and inspiring words my friend.
    Take care & God Bless

  9. hey..im here to ask u abt wht u said for the story! what do u mean im reaching hieghts? im just curious..! im very scared abt my stories…n i seek desperate critique when it comes to them! and well, I value a few judgements and so im asking u 🙂
    and that apart…when are u coming back??????????????????

  10. i guess that wud b enough tareef! thanks a ton..n well..my style is simle coz im not capable of writing or even understanding twisted stuff!!! donno how you guys get all this! neways..this is the learning phase. lets see where it takes. no expectations though. n again thanks 🙂 take care

  11. This is the drawback of blogging, and writing so well. You have a trail of followers who cannot let you go. So be back, there are people (including me) who love to read your words.

  12. Just discovered you. Read a few of ur posts and its been a treat. I hope you find what your looking for…

    But they all return…

    🙂 Good luck

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