A semaphore of heart to be perceived

The drop of tear eye conceived

Convoluting space beneath the soul

Darkness, the absence of light, in the hole


Virgin beauty of mind fostering thought

Cadence of truth what they sought

They see the pictures moving, warbling

Holding a second from nothing for something


Pleochroic vision the heart sees

It gasps; it flouts hides and pleads

An equine’s canter, a breath of innocence

Misses a beat, a beat of evanescence

A year being added…a year being subtracted…a year being multiplied…a year being divided…

Going through the rules of algebra…belligerent life…

A time stamp they make once in a while…

Whispers …hush. Moving the lashes…in unison…

A birth…a day… a day of dream…DreamCatcher

p.s. I have been away from active blogging and will continue for while. I am sorry for not being able to regularly read ur space but believe me whenever I can steal few secs I tried to b with u…

The support from u frenz..thanx alot…I will reply to everyone once I am back to active blogging..

Thought Ought not be Caught or Bought to be Faught till Nought.”

-Philosophical Nights


66 thoughts on “…Evanescence…

  1. Yeah, I know I’m quite amazing *wink*

    I know you’re there. Crawl out of there and start exercising those fingers. And um happy birthday? Do I get a bar of chocolate?

  2. Happy Birthday little brother =) I’m glad you were inspired to write a poem on your special day.

    Evanescene ~ disappearing after only a short time and we are all hoping that the fleeting moment would soon come to an end. =)

  3. Hi buddy,

    First of all, thanks indeed for doling out all the kind comments on my page even when I could not be regular at yours.

    Now, one primal reason of me not being able to comment much at your blogs is because I am almost never in the first reading able to understand any of your writings. I am talking about poetry here. I will try reading prose at your page in the hope of understanding it better than I do your poetry!

    BTW, I kind of have been trying my hand too at poetry, and have formed certain ideas which I would want to share here in the context of this poem above.

    Words are indeed fascinating. And the more we love them, the more we begin to associate with them certain images or pictures or colours. Now, sometimes, in stead of painting a picture on a fresh canvas by looking inside our own hearts for inspiration, we tend to look at the colours and try strange mixes of them, with or without much understanding. We do this, perhaps, when we fail to find inspiration in our own hearts… And this of course, is not good or acceptable. Are you with me here?

    Reading your poetry, I am divided in between thinking that perhaps you try those strange mixes for kicks, or you have intense feelings that take the form of colour that take the form of a complete picture on your canvas.

  4. phenomenal as always!
    Birthday!? belated Happy Birthday brother! 🙂
    Have a wonderful year ahead. God bless and May success touch ur feet! 🙂

    peace & love

  5. Beautiful and fresh poetic expression. It is exciting to follow the trails of your thoughts to the path you’re trying to take your readers. The readers may not exactly reach where you are taking them, but the journey itself is enriching and worth taking.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

  6. Bro…if u remember asking me to write a thriller from me, just go through my page. I had attempted at writing one, though its my first attempt at a story..I guess thats not a thriller, but some kind…just accept this bro..:)

  7. lol bro!
    I didnt do anything in that! I just changed the background image!
    If there is someone who deserves an award then it is U!
    U shud get all the awards! 😀 btw how many days/weeks more?
    what is it that u want me to teach? I donno anything at all!!

  8. gibberish you say, well although that is highly debatable, i wont give you the pleasure of getting into one. suffice it to say that there is such a pleasure in trying to make ‘sense’ out of this self-alleged “gibberish!” that it alters the very basic definition of the term, giving it a whole new purpose.

    so you can be sure will be looking through this whole stuff with a lens trying to figure out all sorts of interpretations i can draw from it. dont be surprised if one fine day(in a few days from now in fact) you find some of your lines turned(transmorgified?) into a whole new yarn out on my blog. have that tendency, to pick a single line and pages about it(am already relishing the prospect of this new gold mine, maybe a money pit with no bottom!!?).

  9. Sorry, dint get you in the context of your comment on my blog. What do you intend to say ? I am not sure whats up with you or the fight you are fighting, but I guess the type of comments I want to enable on my blog is my call.

  10. thank you for those comments, but frankly didnt get what you meant about the other site?

    that aside. i seriously found some really promising nuggets that once i have twisted out of their original shape, will let you have a look at the murder of an idea.

    and regarding your query, wanted to ask you if you already have a domain, or intend to purchase one.

    in case of A), you have 2 options,

    1. redirect your domain to the blog, this way, all the paths that show in the url will be of your current blog(for ex: if you take http://www.abc.com and redirect it to this blog, the net result that will be visible in the address bar would be
    https://distantcords.wordpress.com )
    and it only differs in the intial entry into the site, after that everything would be as if you are on the actual blog.

    2. superscribe your blog on a home page to which is directed.(the technique i use), in this case you can only see the domain name fixed on the address bar irrespective of which link or page you visit, even if you visit someone else’s site from it!!!(for example all you would see despite any link being clicked is http://www.abc.com, and not to mention even the title of the page remains fixed.(has some advantages, though wouldnt suggest it unless the actual purpose was to popularise the domain more than the actual site(like in my case).

    B) if you dont already have a domain, would suggest going for the domain-mapping that wordpress.com offers ( http://faq.wordpress.com/tag/domain-mapping/ ).
    that is a very self-explanatory post on how to map domains on wordpress, a highly recommended option if budget is not an issue.

    so there you go. am there to clarify any other thing if required(a hug form me too)(criticism is the fuel that heaven forbid no poet should ever run out of(am really in a horrible position in that regard), wish people would direct some of that ire for you against me, would help keep me on my toes, so dont bother about some comments.

  11. “Holding a second from nothing for something” wow..wt a thought…!!!!
    Loved the poetry…and i am really sory for being late..:-( u never told me u posted something.:-(

  12. May your spirit keep the freedom of a butterfly in spring

    and your heart be filled always with the joys of simple things.

    May your essence claim the freshness of the new laid morning dew.

    All of this…and more…

    is my Birthday wish for you.

  13. MLong time ….as it seems ….as we are having at LIP (www.livinginpoetry.blogspot.com) honoring the voice of Mystic Rose..please join us and share your thoughts on Mystic Rose

    Thanks ..Nasra

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