“You are a criminal”

“You just like to carry the burden”

“Just trying to fool yourself and everyone around…”

“Throw it out”

“Dump it!”

“Throw it… Dump it …Throw it… dump it… Control


Click! The phone hanged up. He checks the time on his laptop its 3:00 am in the morning. He just finished talking to stranger. Stranger perhaps no not stranger this guy know about him almost everything… how .?? How is it possible..hah!

It’s always easy to share your burden with unknown, he thinks

He moves towards washroom, like drunk. He is laden with clothes because its winter but he is still shivering, body temperature too low. This has been happening since…since. Since?? Last year November to be precise…

He faces himself in a mirror. It’s been long time knowing himself, he feels. He carefully observes himself.

Hmm time for a background check

Name: Saahil

Age: 24

Occupation: IT

Status: hmmmm a very relative word

Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the detested of all”, He speaks to the image standing in front of himself… He can see his forehead with bit of wrinkles…His tan complexion in orange light of GE bulb, the black rimmed spectacles, messed up hair, black big eyes. In sum not a very handsome figure.

CHEWING GUM” He says to himself. Chewing gum, the more u chew more elastic it becomes, that’s what he has been his life, his morality. The idea of god the idea of perseverance, the idea of idealism, the idea of perfectionism, Infact this chewing gum is an idea

The idea to feel the euphony spelt in moments of solitude.

SPLASH! The water clears itself. He sees himself again in mirror with water dripping. How much related he felt with it. The love of minuscule drops, shapeless, takes shape of any container it is kept in and that’s what he felt for himself that’s what he ahs always tried to do. To take shape, take shape and fit in.A virtue of self proclaimed obituary!

He clears his face using a towel hanging nearby. He takes charge of his laptop again and starts typing…

An anthem, an anthem of Anathema…


To be continued

This is going to be a long story. Kindly bear with me…thanx n love



30 thoughts on “Anathema-I

  1. ‘It’s always easy to share your burden with unknown’
    Very true.
    Funny, with known ones there is a feeling of strangeness and with strangers there is a feeling of closeness.

  2. Interesting choice of words little brother “anathema”… I am really happy changes are happening in your life … move up and take on a new shape in your life. Wish you all the best =)

  3. Strange story…its ok if its long, just break it up in readable parts 🙂

    AN anthem…hum…anathema is a nice band, the music is good but the lyrics are all whiney baby stuff…

    Rock on!

  4. hmmmm….nice one…waiting to read more…n more….

    post soon!!!!

    (in case u r wonderin who is this…ummm…d sinner…will be an apt intro….)


  5. @Ashish: So true mate so true…

    @annie; hi thanx for coming by too:) n yeah keep checking however this will gonna long hope u wont get bored 🙂

    @Ashu: yes u r right mate n welcome here 🙂

    @Sophigurl: thanx so so much..though tis post is because of some development lately..will let u know 😀 I didn’t plan to write this

    @Sneha: Hope this surreality will b there..n u will keep coming back

    @Phoenix: I expected that u gonna point out this..well it was not planned but this is the only way..:) thanx for coming re

  6. @Rashi: Thanx rashi..i hope it will hold u for long 🙂 the whole episode

    @Nothingman: Thas what i intend to do maestro 😉 It will be part by part.. uhmmm well this is ot related with that band 😀

    @Realistic me: Thanxxxx

    @Trenddash Oh my u really too me by surprise.. how come this shows a picture of ..unless u blog at wordpress too but no link..hmm is it restricted..??
    anwyays is nice to c u here.:)

  7. thanx for stopping by. seeing how busy you have suddenly turned :).

    and yeah as for the poem, i already got the kicks from simply seeing what i wanted to see, something in my comments box,
    “Dreamcatcher on Dreamcatcher” (in case u missed the joke, just check back on my blog, the comments widget.

    and about time i guess that u began an anthem :). coz funnily while IT became an anathema to you, i have broken all my bridges with my previous professions to get into IT. (funny the anathema irony).

  8. @guptaghost: hi m really sry for not bein able to foll the blog properly…yeah life has been bit busy lately..n its damn tough ..this overall balancing act..also i cldn’t c my blog dying like this cldn’t help writing the post..still it will ake a month more i guess that i become frequent enough to keep pace with things around i guess..

    yeah thats was really something..uhmm what to say” dremacatcher on dreamcatcher” ..ha ha btw thats one fabulous piece of poetry..thanx for was needed..

    well this anaathema is not about IT 🙂 its different..i m sure when i write further ppl will disagree n this story will sound monotonous..but this is a promise to b fulfilled..i jst hope ppl wont judge it… nice to c u here after such a long time

    @humbl devil; yaar gala hissa aadha part draft mein pada hai…abhi bhi time nahi mil paa raha…upar se billi ke darr se halat kharab hai 😉

    @Aditi: well this is a surprise..i have been to ur blog many times..n after so many months u r first time here i guess:) cheers ..thanxx…n yeah ur words r really inspiring..helps alot!!

    @Kaylee: hey chweet lil u r ..definitely not disappeared..m here only..jst it will take time to b so frequent enough…
    n thanx for liking it so far…so far so good 😉

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  10. @Poonam:thanx for dropping by poonam..well no specific reason as such..copyscape jst helps me out in checking for has got search option …

    u too pundit blogger 🙂 kewl..same pinch 😉

  11. Comparison of the Chewing gum with perfectionism was Awesome.
    Not using Awesome loosely here.

    To me these bunch of words seemed to be thoughts of a soul standing on the brink of light.It would be interesting to see where the thoughts heads.

    A Suggestion though : You can escape writing ” Bear with me” at the end of the stories.When you choose to be answerable to the world,you loose yourself.

    Anyways your the Gunda of your blog.Its your wish. 🙂

    One more bookmark added at my end.

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