Hi friends and all those who are waiting for next part of Anathema. My apologies. I am bit under the weather and hence it will take some time for me to post the next part.. Hope to recover soon and post the next part within few days..


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  1. Hey trips, How r u yaar? Long time… How did ur exams go? Still in delhi? Can I get ur number (only if u want to give it to me) Take care… Keep in touch…

  2. Hey, your birthday is somewhere near na. If it has passed then ‘happy belated b’day’ and otherwise accept my wishes in advance. Looks like we both are in same boat.

    Well wanted to tell you that there are many people who are waiting for second part of the story. Please post them fast.

  3. @all: thanx for ur lovely messages and support..Hvae been away for so long and so many times..that people now call me elusive blogger.. Its been long that I have written anything infact pen stopped totally.. so dont know I will b able to do justice anymore..but anyways good is that M BACK ..n going to b regular now ๐Ÿ˜€

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