In The land of Faded times

Whispers sweet sorrow in scary mimes


Laughing Out loud the virtues of saint

Trickles of water in the motion they faint



Inebriated wisdom in fusion of death and life

Looking at sky in the moments of strife


I am not dead, I am not living either

Scourge of path getting harder and sadder


Fire within, Fire outside

Wishes of oasis keep the shallow earth wide


I won’t give up, I need to fight

The place isn’t world of sunshine bright


Let me be wise, nor a priest neither a pope

Let me be DEVIL but full of HOPE


26 thoughts on “Reconciliation

    • 247Sabe tudo Paula!!!Cada vez mais te admiro!! Cara, se todas as blogueiras fossem assim estariamos super no lucro. Fiquei lendo o post e rindo sozinha, faz tempo que acompanho o blog e também te acompanho pelo twitter, então presenciei muito bafafa de pessoas que não tem mais o que fazer, deveriam se espelhar em vc e não falar asainras.Parebéns pelo blog, parabéns por vc ser tão incrível!! Sou sua fã!!Não costumo comentar muito, mas esse post não podia deixar passar… bjãoo

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  1. intermingled with the separation of friends long awaiting,
    are the tender sprouts of the new world, a fresh beginning.

    hope you are as good as your word, or do i have to say, as good as the going now gets?


    nice to see you back on deck, steering towards the nearest poem.

  2. i think there is a serious misunderstanding on your part, the devil is perhaps the most hopeful of all the creatures ever invented by man…
    anyways, welcome back

  3. wishes of oasis keep d shallow earth wide..i wont give up i need to fight..
    inspiring lines .n believe me,d devil never needs a hope..

  4. Welcom back !! There is a reason to be here to enjoy being here after brief…. no prolonged hiatus … Have fun witting !! and yes as always a nice creation…. but who is it you are seeking that permission from in the last line?

    • Actually. Sue, I do sell prints from my Zazzle store and the price range is very affordable, depending on the size and paper type. I ha&81v#e2n7;t added the image of Vinnie yet, but I will soon. There are two versions, one square and one rectangle. PM me with your size requirement and price range (the poster prints are really inexpensive)

  5. phoenix : devatating is it so ?? infact i feel its a rejuvenating thought.
    thanks..n yeah m glad to b back 😉

    Impressionist :m glad u liked it.. was jst busy catching those stuff.. MBA as i told u remember ??

    humbl devilofff ppl taking it wrong way..devil is the most optimistic…n thats y i said I wanna b a devil rather than angel..hardships have transformed in a devil..a devil of hope

    guptaghost yes fresh as crimson rays
    trying to fit in the world of different ways
    ..m back n kicking 😀 ..good to c u here

    adi: well not a misunderstanding I guess..infact now I understand more clearly.. yup a DEVIL full of this world 🙂

    ami: heyyy! gr8 to c u here.. n yeah i didn;t mean devil need hope.. devil is i wanna b a devil instead of angel to b full of hope

    Aman: Thanks bro 😀

    Akshay ooo la la.. seeing u here is a pleasant surprise…
    n catchy catchy.. permission might b from myself..

  6. yes fresh as crimson rays,
    trying to fit in the world of different ways,

    finding the intransigent amidst the sea of change,
    following the familiar across this cosmos strange.

    🙂 time shall speak for you.
    personally am not very trusting of the three-piece suit guys 😀

  7. Hard to understand hidden details in lines, since poetry always sort of intrigued me.

    A question popped up while I read though: is it black means white while white is told black in our eyes.

  8. Yet another excellent poem with excellent lines

    “Let me be wise, nor a priest neither a pope

    Let me be DEVIL but full of HOPE”

  9. sophiagurl Yes trying my best.. n hope shall b the way 🙂

    yes fresh as crimson rays,
    trying to fit in the world of different ways,

    finding the intransigent amidst the sea of change,
    following the familiar across this cosmos strange.

    let night be my sunshine . even the darkness is all around
    for that ecstasy for my fantasy in the heart where beats are bound
    trust me 🙂

    d sinner n good to c u here

    lansy well ur question is infact intriguing.. 😀 black n white.. my focus was soul. soul of devil full of hope

    Thnks bro 😀 it means alot to me 😀

    • Ah bon :les Algériens, les Marocains, les Tunisiens, les Yéménites et les Palestiniens, les Libanais : genre  » éscuvains&nbrp;&raqio; qui vont boycotter, allons donc , des impuissants de la plume , sans aucun talent , sinon de pétitionner contre la seule démocratie du Moyen-Orient ! Bonne nuit les petits ,Nicolas et Carla veillent sur vous.

  10. hi…
    dnt kno wat 2 say bt truly a wonderful poem…d last 2 lines really hv a gr8 meanin 4 me coz i always follow dat…

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