Anathema [Part-1]

Anathema [Part-2]


“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The unturned page of ALCHEMIST was whispering the unsaid words. It seems that more than a singular world conspires. That night when he mailed her the reply it seems the luck, the life and the passion were making a perfect delta .In the heart of it was Saahil. Its strange how actions and thoughts get infinite magnitude. It’s strange how the amalgamation of these takes shape of a delusive force inside, which is called telepathy. Telepathy is what he felt that day when after mailing reply he got an instant answer back. Heart felt a jolt never felt before. That day they chatted through mails. Didn’t sleep till morning and when he went to bed there was a smile dangling on his face.

Somewhere around in the dreams it took shape which grew in heart. Don’t know what it is termed as, a mere attraction or desperation.

There are moments of revelation .yes there are, so interspersed that they make the reality go awry sometimes. When sometimes you approach yourself, the life takes a backseat and everything revolves around you. Most of the times this confrontation leaves you dumbstruck and then you feel pleasure in giving in. Aah! Pleasure the insanity of saner mind. Isn’t this pleasure which makes the saner to loose sanctity? The mere aspect of floatation is so beseeching that you feel pleased and satisfied.

He was floating inside his mind and she there. What was felt was love!


to be continued…

P.S: Its been long I started this this “long” story but Its weird that I feel so empty and stuck up. Not sure if I am still able to do justice.and whether I should continue this


19 thoughts on “Anathema-III

  1. “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – loved this one. Ahhh love =) When one is in love it seems that the whole world has suddenly become irrelevant, what mattered was the two people, who all of a sudden seemed to have been thrown together by a twist of fate.

    To stop or to continue…it’s a path you have to choose at this point. I know you’ll pick the right one =)

  2. not the one to uncurl the horns of dilemma, but consider two things,
    1. an observation by me.
    2. an observation by you.

    1. seems the KISS is becoming more of a french KISS, going all over the air, dissipating. wat say?

    2. is your heart still in it? is there something that needs to be said, got rid off before you can get a peaceful night’s sleep, if yes, you know the answer.

  3. The first statement is very true…….
    Welcome back…do continue this story….very interested in the end………..

  4. The one thing that i truly like about your writing is the way in which you can pin-point on the exact feeling and then translate those feelings into precise words.

    P.S: Both my blogs are working!

  5. You are coming close to losing the story in the jungle of words. EIther stear clear or, if your heart isn’t in it, then move onto another one, methinks : )

    Nice read, anyway.

  6. sophiagurl: true the path I have choosen will finish this at any cost.. thanks for sticking 🙂

    guptaghost After the chat on gtalk I guess u understand .. anyways I will finish this whatever b the case 🙂 please bear with me .. I have a story to tell

    Aditi: Thanks 😀 didn’t knw u still read my blog..

    sherry: will get back to u soon for sure 😀

    pravin: thans alot buddy.. means alot.. yes let me be me 😉

  7. Phoenix he he ur comment got me confused.. anyways aisa hua hai 😛

    Poison coated elixir WOW! thanks for the appreciation..coming back to blogging after long time .. n m not sure if m able to still write that way..ur words really cheered me up

    kush point taken…also the point u told in offline message.. will try to stick to it 😀

    Impressionist: yup jeevy.. will stick to it.. n yeah after sometime will get back to that one 😉 jst buys with u know what 😛

  8. hey,

    plz do continue it.

    you are doing a good job…

    and as to the words of alchemist,,,they have seem to be true for me.

    the way despite of so many and so big problems eventually everthing settled and I got married to the person I loved…it was like life was goin on its own and i was just looking at it..

  9. Hi!
    I started reading you blog only from today morning, but trust me I am so much engrossed by this time. And it would be a pleasure if you continue writing the whole story…..and I just wish that there is no end to it (neither to the story nor to the real Love-Story).
    Wish you all the luck, and congratulations on your successful entry into a B-School.
    Keep the good work going

    Take care

    Sarsij Nayanam

  10. No use creating a beautiful plot wen the end is sour. But wat happens happens for our own good. Few happy things incomplete are better than a sad ending.. But may be if its a sad ending it cannot be end.. picture abhi baaki hai.

  11. hie..
    its the first time today that i’ve visited your blog. someone suggested it to me. its really awesome. its really really great. and i have a request-please complete this story- ANATHEMA. please its really good to read.

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