Rainbow Land

There was noise. All over, everywhere. It felt every cell of his body wants to resonate with that noise. There seemed to be some kind of carnival outside . For anything to be generated there is law of nature which destroys something. Maybe not near…maybe not too far…

Perhaps the wisdom of soliloquy teaches us eventually, or perhaps we just get wiser with time in terms of reactionary forces acting upon.

There is a call that could be heard. That could be separated from this noise. It happens… It happens if you concentrate a lot on one particular voice, you can separate that from noise.

“Daddy, I feel so scared”

“Don’t be son. See am with you only na”

“Daddy I feel scared, because I can see what you can’t see”

“Son, but I do feel what you feel. Hey! Have I ever told you about Rainbow Land?”

“No daddy”

“Oh! My son ,you know very far from here, where the earth meets sky. There is rainbow land. The roads… Buildings are of rainbow colour. There is a bird Renee, who is the creator of rainbows and whenever she passes by from her tail forms a rainbow which we see after rain. She always comes to take away our pain and fear… Look son it has rained soon very soon you will see rainbow and all your pain will go away”

“Yeah Daddy, I do see a rainbow. It’s so beautiful. I feel so happy daddy… Daddy I want to go to rainbow land. Do take me there”

“One day you will son, eventually we all go to rainbow land”

Aah! Suddenly the noise starts taking over and voices fading away. The mechanical voices taking shape within…err outside. His head feels heavy. The hangover gives rise of missing scenes of life. He has been lying for quite some time along the road side with vehicles passing by.

Life between empty spaces…

Dark is shade…facade of hollow faces

Where I fit in? Am I part of this pace?

Where the memoirs has gone out of place!

I feel to exist

Mind asks heart why you persist

Wishful lies, the flicker stands by

The crashing dreams comes to say perhaps Good bye

…perhaps good bye

The picture starts becoming clearer as senses start speaking to him again. It doesn’t seem so long that he got married. It doesn’t seem so long his best friend he found becoming too friendly with his love. It doesn’t seem so long he started sensing something wrong. After all it has taken just a month his life changed. He could hear the giggles. He could hear the whispers.

Such is the fantasy of suspicion.Oh dear! Such are there flight. They leave no boundaries. Perhaps suspicion in itself is a religion, people do get wild, people do follow it without any questions.. People do keep faith in it without looking inwards. Religion in itself sometimes become so externally oriented in so called societal environment, it becomes hard to decipher its true reason of existence.

“They are my guys. I should trust them. It’s nothing”

“Who are you trying to fool? I have kept quiet for so long. Now no more I can take this”

“I wish dad was here, he could have told what to do”

“Fool! You have always been dependant; you can never grow up… And you don’t even understand! Whats wrong!”

“How could I know, I have never felt love.. I don’t know what’s hate..”

“Kill them! Kill them! Kill them! You will know one thing then”



Suspicion has finally turned into vengeance.

Today was his birthday. Nobody wished him. He could hear her talking to someone whom he guess he doesn’t know. He silently watches her from behind the curtains. She has just taken a bath. Tiny droplets of water dangling from her hair. Her unsaid beauty! Who won’t fall for her..I love her.

“You love her! The do her a favour.. Kill her you are going to free her from misery.. because you know she is going to do something wrong.. You need to help her so she doesn’t go to hell.”

He goes back and takes up his car keys. Just like any other day he goes to office.. Just like any other day he comes back on time. But this time not like any other day he enters from backdoor with a knife. He can see them. His hearts skips a beat. The pain has finally overpowered him.. He crashes inside the hall and in a spur of moment stabs both of them.

A smirk becomes visible on his face. He can see the shock on the face of his friend and his wife . Only one word comes out of her


From her hand comes out a wrapped box. He opens it and finds a note with two tickets on his and his wife’s name. The note said “To the rainbow Land”

Aah! Again the noise starts taking over, He feels he is still drunk… It’s raining …its raining cats and dogs.

Soon there will be rainbow. He says “Its time”. He takes that note and with his both arms open stood in between the road. He could see Ghost coming with flashing lights… With loud horn.

He whispers “ To the rainbow land”.



6 thoughts on “Rainbow Land

  1. I m soooooooo happy to see u back here:-)

    Loved the post…it was so spontaneous that i felt I am watching it happen!

    U still weave magic with words…So don’t take another break and be here.

    I really missed u dude!

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