Munaasib nahi ek pal ki hassi koi

hai tammanaon pe nazar khoi mitra

raahat nahi milti ab khud ko behlaane par bhi

jo mausam ki harkat pe machle ye dil mitra

kuch sitaaro mein hai mile….bandishein mausam ki

kuch halke se sifar ka aashiyana dikhe

hai roshan kinnaro mein kahi teri nazar

Jaha mulaqaato ka silsala sa lage


Dhundh mein chupa nasha hai kahi

Muddat se hote  maikhaane viraan mitra

Koshish khabar karte ab firaaq ke ehasaas ka

Har shaam umeedo ke sirhaane jo guzre mitra

Yuhi to pashemaan nahi lafz mere soz ki

Yuhi to nadaan-e-dil dua jo kare

Kabhi zikar hua hoga “saahil” ka kahi

Pyaasa tabhi meri yaadon ka karvaan sa lage…

  • Mitra -friend
  • Munaasib- proper/suitable/fit/apt
  • tammana – Desire
  • Behlaana- Consoling by cheering someone
  • Harkat- action
  • Bandishein- constraints
  • Aashiyan- house
  • Silsila- chain/series
  • Maikhaane – Bar
  • Viraan – deserted
  • firaaq -zero
  • pashemaan -ashamed
  • lafz -words
  • soz -passion
  • saahil – coast
  • yaadein – memories
  • karvaan – caravan

P.S: pic is taken from IIM Shillong’s classroom 🙂 weather was just awesome! who would believe its summer time. Though my project presentation was going on couldn’t stop myslef from writing these verses


17 thoughts on “Mitra

  1. am jealous…
    you were lucky to get the window seat 😦

    and even more lucky you did not get caught taking the pic 😛

  2. At first reading the word mitra actually sounded outofplace in a peppering of urdu words, but I guess it does make a nice fusion.
    Doing well these days?

  3. beautiful words n most certainly beauyiful weather you have..

    m just trying to imagine how wonderful ‘ll it be to live in a place like this..

    i think i envy u..


  4. Har ore jab nazara,
    Haqeeqat bante armano sa lagta ho,
    koi kaise na bane shayar,
    Jab shahar afsaano sa lagta ho!!

    (my instant reaction to the pic and the poem)

  5. @Phoenix: M fine ..err i guess jst alive 😐 things r bit tough nowadays..i guess may b thats y could come back to blogging

    @deepika: yup :)if u take out acads part..this is just awesome place to be

    @Abhishek: Thanks bro

    @Shashank: *claps* kya baat hai huzoor.. come sometime to shillong too..Indore mein hi rahoge kya?

  6. Visiting first time and Wow !! Lovely pic and amazingly described. .. I specially loved that you took the time to explain the words that are tough …


  7. Awesome pome.. Just a suggestion(please ignore if you can) – instead of Mitra try the word Dost, because mitra is closer to hindi but Dost is closer to urdu as are most words of the piece!

    Still beautiful nonetheless!

    (arrived here from Indiblogger and am voting for your – because you can weave words in both english and hindi)

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