(Follow  up Trickles )

Flashed with pinch of smile

Giggles swathing my way

Buried in sense of you with me

Brachiating between the lips as we say

Tickling breaths making a sign

let it float..let it wander..O’ Lil’ Miss Moonshine 🙂


10 thoughts on “Tickles

  1. Great to see you writing again.

    I have reconciled with it. There have been innumerable weekends when I have gone through every name in my phone’s address book only to realise there is nobody I can truly call to have a conversation like a friend. There is this second where a feeling of great suction enters your stomach…but then you plaster a smile on your face and plan out 2-3 activities to do on your own to feel busy and satisfied. I wish that never has to happen again…but it’s life…so it will.

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