Mr. Lonely

Define loneliness, he asked himself

“Loneliness : when you scroll the phonebook of your cellphone only to find that you got no one to talk to”

As the moments turn into hours, hours into day, days into year and years into perhaps life, one cannot reconcile with the fact that he is alone. Its like stary sky where moon seems to be crowded with stars but infact he is alone.

Things are going strange lately, even language seems to have left me. I am not even able to get over with my writer’s block.

Many silent long walk in the nights are also not helping a bit. Its so strange that with each passing year, as you age more, it feels like I am disintegrating. Living life in abeyance has started to show signs of permanency.


19 thoughts on “Mr. Lonely

  1. Hmmm…sum1 is looking into himself ….

    loneliness is only a matter of the heart …
    if look at the phone book again..
    u’ll find many who would be dying to share sum moments with u…

  2. Its all about how you perceive …. and this loneliness may be cos of a touchy feeling … once you overcome this … I am sure you will find many ppl to talk..


  3. hmm…… writer’s block..
    yeah it happens sometimes.. you turn the pages but words elude you……..
    i am sure it’s only a passing phase & you’ll be back to your usual best!!!

    in waiting…….

  4. Love it love it love it! The way you’ve described the feeling is amazing. Sadly though I doubt there is any ‘antidote’ to loneliness. It’s one friend, or rather foe you wish you didn’t have. I’ve been dealing with the same thing for quite a long time, and I too couldn’t compose one coherent post. Guess it’s just life!

  5. Well, I have survived 6 years as a blogger you know. I would be lying if I would say that writer’s block hasn’t plagued me. It does, but more than the block it is some arduous force which holds you back, words are denied to you thoughts, maybe the eclectic thoughts are too fast for you…just whoosh away into oblivion before they can be caught?

    Amongst blog-O-pals we used to poke each other with writing stimuli, often that broke the jinx for me. Let me know if you ever feel up to a collaboration or a duel with words-verbal volleys!

  6. I completely identify with you…..its been so long since I blogged regularly…n now tht I wish to be back…the writers’ block seems to have set in for good!!!

    i hope u n I both get over it soon….
    take care

  7. I am out of my block! 😀 I just felt like writing something for people to read after a long time (i always write for myself). My dilemma is not about writing. Its more about whether people like what i am writing. It’s more like a blogging-block.
    As for the loneliness, lets just say ‘Nothing in life remains constant. It will pass, sooner or later’..

  8. hey have you been?? Lonely?? everything is just temporary.. Good to see you around still 🙂 I wanna read ur mind blowing posts again man 🙂

  9. It’s your world, do what you really want to with your life. Speak to who you want and go where you like, your’e free. We always must remember that as little as we have, life is our most precious gift, no matter what people believe your’e your own person and you need yourself more than anyone, love yourself

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