Tiddly Piddly Pater

Tiddly Piddly Pater lost in the time

Tiddly Piddly Pater with no nickel or dime

Where are thou lovey friends

Where are thou people on whom you depend

Tiddly Piddly Pater with misty eyes

Tiddly Piddly Pater wonder why no one said good bye

Confused is the way, confused thou mind

No sense of direction, the night is so blind

Tiddly Piddly Pater understand  everything but knows nothing at all

Tiddly Piddly Pater plays with herself she is her doll

A mouthful of sky is not enough

A dream to see tonight which fills her trough

Tiddly Piddly Pater has a hope of Light

Tiddly Piddly Pater Kisses the moon to say..Good Night

Ain’t be alone..whispering to thee.. in soul yonder

The mist be all gone one day..Her faith I believe..I wonder


5 thoughts on “Tiddly Piddly Pater

    • “And until I get Twitter onto my blog sidkbar.”Looes good … that didn’t take long. I guess that six months of scoping out Twitter has put you on the fast track for implementation!

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