Well perhaps a random post from my side after a long time

Sometimes your heartbeats become louder than your thoughts. Sometimes every single cell of your body is shaken with the mere belief you had. Every reason of this world tries to defy the basis on which you are trying to give your best to survive.

Its so difficult to comprehend when a tree wants to live yet it is not able to find soil, Its painful to see if a fish wants to swim , It wants to carry out the purpose but devoid of water. Its the support system. Often people see without me you still have the purpose, but may be they fail to understand that without the support system the objective becomes meaningless.

Sometimes you shout you want to exist, you try hard, you try to do everything thats possible but the unknown force of the so called world makes it somehow or the other unimaginable , make it sure.. sure that you wont find any

People say if you lose something you will find it again. But what they fail to understand is they don’t know each time the person is getting devoid of that emotion. In the end whats left is zombie

Sometimes your greatest weapon to fight a setback also leaves you bewildered. May be we can attribute it to capacity. like there is a capacity to cry then your eyes give up.. then how do you fight it. The premise of support is gone on basis of what you feel you own the world.. the premise of helping to fight that loss is gone on basis of what you felt you can move on.. whats left is a sense of helplessness.. nothingness

May..ya may be because may be gives you feeling that you can be sure very soon.. May be your luck is jinxed.. may be you are not meant to be happy..this may be is called learning with time


p.s. This is a soliloquy..and the author is asking himself why you write. ‘may be’ this writing is the genesis of all troubles.. ‘may be’ he should try giving up this last thing to ..may be


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