Ishaarein (The Signs)


Kuch pal do pal mein rakhte hai… sath woh tasweerein..

Kuch hawa se bhi ham sunte hai… in boondon ki taqdeerein..

Raahe na jaane kab khoi.. Dhoondhe ham kahi woh nazaarein..

Hai sehra ka ilm bhi nahi…palko se chup ke karein.. jo ishaarein..

So there are whispers..again across the silver lines

The syndication of twilight sky with the shiney eyes

Closer to thee, numb prayers crossing sighs

I see the closure.. I see the signs

Thame nahi hai ab tak… Zara zara khalish ke taarein

Thame nahi kab tak… Hatho se …Lau mein jalti raatein

Kab tak…Kab tak nahi…Sambhal kar…ek chota asmaan sahi

Mitti mein hi kabhi… halke se chalak jaaye.. Jo ishaarein

So there is a numbness..along the mystic line

The tapered calls of the yesterday vies

The grass is not yet yellow says the colour of old wine

I see those gestures…I see the signs

Madham ek rukh hai..anjaan na rahein

Manzil mein gum ek umeed shaamil karein

Ek nishaan… sirhaane ke paas

Khwaab mein dafatan aksar karein jo ishaarein

So there is hope.. Smelt in the captivity of kite

When you lose yourself, to find again in the scree of might

The rush of wind.. The drop on meadows where earth and heaven align

I see that call…I see the signs

Hosh bekhabar hai ham se , kab se

Arziyo se kehte hai , tanha si raatein

Phir wahi..phir kahi..milte ab nahi

Thehra reh gaya..saahil kahi, pooche ye ab sitaarein

Ek safar ka anjaam yahi..mauje mud kar  kare jo ishaarein..

Vo Ishaarein…

P.S: The English verses are NOT the translation of hindi verses. They are interludes

The Picture is orginally taken by me while travelling from Guwahati to Shillong. I have converted it to fullsize wallpaper which you can download it by clicking here and then right click and save as..


17 thoughts on “Ishaarein (The Signs)

  1. Awesome piece mate – thought I’d continue your thoughts too with the following words.. cheers!

    I feel alive in the calls and signs,
    I find a message from the kite in the skies,
    “To be bound on land and yet aloft, I remain free,
    Is this not the way thou too want to be?”

    I am a kiteflyer at the break of dawn;
    I am a kiterunner at the set of dusk,
    All along, messages do spawn,
    But in the midst of time, is constant, the eternal mist on the lawns

    And as the crimson horizon does inspire,
    It instills in me a hope of desire,
    “Ek dhaage ki nool joh is patang ko disha dikhaye
    Ek Saahil ki khoj joh nayya paar karaye….”

  2. Bhai bahut mushkil hindi hai…. sirf english wala part samajh main aaya… bhagwan na kare ye poem kabhi class X ke syllabus main aa jaye… desh ki future generation tujhe bahut galiyan degi.. pel-pel ke…..

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