I dream, Yes I do . That’s what occupies three-fourth of my life.

I am departing, Yes I am. The mere fact called life..Its leaving me in a tasteless satire of whimsical life. I fail to understand now whether when I am awake, is it the curtilage of conception which has walled me outside the reality. A dreamer’s reality.

I hear, In my dreams, Yes I feel so. Can you feel the sound. Really you can do that. Every organism of here resides in a cocoon of sonic happenstance which reverberate with life . I can hear it all loud now. The decibels have surpassed the capacity of my body.

I can float, Yes I think so. I have been floating for hours now. I can see twilight in waves crossing the sky. An illusion perhaps of alchemy which I am not able to grapple with. It appears as if I am floating in sky but its all nebulous.

I stop, I can see sparkling waves all around me. I see a musician standing there playing an unknown harmony.  He sees me but doesn’t stop his weird instrument and greets me with a smile, “Welcome Child, welcome to the symphony of crossroad and yes you are.. You are Dead”

My mouth opens wide. Surprised, yes perhaps .Surprised with the fact that I am dead? No, Its not an expression of shock, It was an expression of conciliating with the fact that I don’t have to stop dreaming anymore.

“Who are you”, I ask the man with the instrument, “What is this in your hand? What I am doing here?” As they say mind never postpone to foster unlimited scions of variable questions.

“Relax! First answer to your question, I am God, Next This is an instrument which has got no name. But it has capabilities beyond your understanding, This instrument is the cause of life, This is cause of happiness, sadness and emotion humans have defined any adjective, noun  they have created. Then genesis is this.

And why you are here. Ha are here because you chose it to be. You want to hear it aloud. So be it!”

“I just want to dream that’s all, I don’t want to hear anything”

“Aah, you think so,,but do not feel so”

There was a moment of truth in what he said. I agree. Yes I agree to the euphony of this whole episode. And it was also true that I have been relishing the mere feel of the waves that were coming.

Everyone from childhood keeps himself/herself busy formulating concepts. Concepts of just about everything they see..they feel.. they judge.. converges into theory of their own and we sweetly put it in a word called “culture” and conditioning.  I too had a theory of God. Perhaps I trusted my smarter sense of reality and came out with imagery of God being of some cosmic essence from which we draw out energy. and now here I am encountering something which will revise my theory of life. Its difficult,I  felt, but gradually it was becoming possible.

“ So , how everything works here?”, At that moment nothing else came in my mind. I guess it was a banal question but somehow I wanted to shift my beliefs and my theories on a different altitude. That’s what a child does.. is’t it?

“Life’s most difficult question perhaps have very simple answer. Let me take the liberty to start from here  son. Everyone has perhaps made it so since the beginning of the world. They assumed its difficult . Its complicated. Its perhaps divine. May be not!

Life is in fact a simple function of frequency. Everyone in this world resonate to it. Your mind .. your soul…Two people in love. All work on the theory of resonance. It just happens that no one is able to notice it. It just happened nobody thought it could be as simple as that. Any form of energy has initiated ..emancipated from this.

Why you cant feel it? To make it simple for you, if you think, a particular range is only accessible to human being. Beyond that you are still working on.

Dream you see is a kind of resonance. Love you feel is resonance. Sun..or say sunlight you see is resonance. Its everywhere. And that’s what you should call divine. Trying to reach a higher multiple. When you talk to your self.your conscience.. its also resonance.”

Sabotaged! Yes I felt sabotaged. The illusion of self being and illusion of “I” perhaps trying to separate itself from its constitution. I have never felt so dintegrated when I was alive. I have never felt so integrated when I am dead.

“Every aspect of this lie in one moot point. That’s unison. Unison is what we seek..people in your world have always been busy in separating things out. Trying to reach a much more micro level of existence.Truth is knowledge of higher being lies in unison.”

Nothing! Lost! I was trying to find myself yet again it felt. Under those syllables. Under the notes in the air. As if I have crossed many multiple of octaves. His words were like music to my ears. It felt so simple to dream.. to live. Just I need to feel that frequency.

Its flabbergasting when you have the power to chose possibilities. The innocence of your child self ask you to bathe in it. Ask you to lift a leg and perhaps dance on the tune of it. Joy! Naah! Perhaps my body..err my soul has surpassed the jurisdiction of any definition.

I can see now. I can see the momentous waves . I can see the energy of theirs. I can see now how even sound can shine. Though I cant hear it I can experience it. I can feel every cell of my self and my soul want to cross interludes and rise in air to give up and welcome all these possibilities.

I can hear! Yes I can! loud and clear..this..this resonance.


8 thoughts on “Resonance

    • Hi dude!!!

      Quite a long time!! n surprised to hear from u 🙂 well now m an occasional blogger so very few ppl pay regular visit 😛

      lifes been..well quite happening..many ups and downs.. infact big ones! going through some major change in life.. dont knw where m gonna land up this time

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