I wanna love you..Love has made me understand what honesty is.

What it is to live life and to improve. How to try to be good.


and love doesn’t ask me to marry you..wait for you.. leave you or stay with you… everything seems immaterial..

I just ask,hope and pray to love you honestly all my life..Its just If I dont get you.. I just cant be with anyone else, which against my wish I will have to..

and this will not allow me to love you..


I don’t want that to happen



6 thoughts on “Impasse…

  1. hii sir,

    i completed btech and studying mba-hr….sir i have many doubts…the first one is how to increase courage and confidence and concentration
    and my btech specialisation is IT and pg course is mba-hr…is there any link between these two courses to get agood job…and what skills i have to learn in ahr manager..and which field is best suite for me plz send to my mail id

  2. Oh how fast does one loose faith in things innocent and true.And how slow does one let go and forgive the sinner and the sin
    A heart without love did break the loving heart and turned it cold only because it did not know any better.
    Sometimes not even all the love in the world can stop someone from leaving nor make them reciprocate…some loves are like that…some lives are like that

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