In blues and whites
In the bushes of Kites

They cut across..they come across
They turn and toss ..they prune and pause

Through the oceans of perpendicular velocity
Through the canter of viscous ferocity

The rise of wise.. They smile and apprise
The miniscule shadows of meadows.. they vilify and surmise

The turning board and dices of chimera
must be a prodigy of satirical era

The stage of necromancer.. The dance of Zephyr
purple gaze of haze ..My genie surrender to her desire

I wish but I can’t.. I can but I wont.. I may divide
My dreams under the rainbow lies stratified…


8 thoughts on “Stratified

  1. I’m sorry to be terribly off topic, but is that you? It’s always really strange when you78#21&;ve been reading materials from someone for a long time, and then suddenly, out of the blue as it were, you see an image of them. Are they how you expected them to look?

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