Ek kadam mein kai saal jo guzre hai,
In a step many years have gone by
kai roz kai mah yu hi behisaab bikhre hai
many days , many months have been scattered without any count

Woh kehte hai kar lo samjhauta girte ret se aksar
They say to compromise with falling sand many times
himmat saraab hai jo mit jaayegi sehra mein dab kar
Courage is a mirage which will get buried in the desert

Na hi ilm hai unhe khwahisho ka, na hi tammanao ka sabab
Neither they  have the knowledge of dreams, nor the cause of desires
Nahi jaante hai woh harkat shab-o-roz ka, na hi waqt ki fitrat ka samajh
Neither they  know about the movement of night and day, nor they understand the nature of time
Mera raqeeb mere dua mein pal pal kahe
” migozarad!”
My watcher (almighty) says in my prayer
“It will pass!”

2 thoughts on “Migozarad!

  1. I am somewhat glad that the meaning of this poem, sunk in completely. In life, looking back at the bad times we have been through is quite a thing, and it surprises us the way we overcame them, the way they passed us by. This too will pass.


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