Bleeding Blue!

I have never been a fan of cricket! Never been the keeper of numerous stats for I have always lacked faith in the religion of India called cricket. You can call it blasphemy, I was happy to be part of that 10% of pessimistic crowd who always thought cricket is just nothing more than money minting game and every other match has been fixed. It is nothing more than a serious fashion statement where heroes do not earn their respect but are made by varied sources of media and the crowd likewise.

But somehow I got hooked on this world cup. What I saw not a single man earning respect but a team. For every wicket that did fall, there was another man giving the team a shoulder. What I saw was not Sachin in Atlas role but 22 hands keeping India intact.

This world cup had everything of what you would call bollywood potpourri. It had a loss, It had a struggle, It had wishes, It had hope, It had tears, It had that fight, It had that resilience, It had that come back!

I saw every member of the team (barring few of course :P) sweat and bleed blue literally rather they did bleed tricolour in true spirit. It was not a game of earning every single run.. running on grass or hitting hard. It was the spirit of every Indian. Where we not only dream but strive.. strive to show we are the best.

For 28 years Indian team struggled to learn one thing, DISCIPLINE and what a way to show the world that they can! 28 years people I saw keeping track of every other shot being played, every other ball that was played.

Overwhelmed I shouted, I clapped, I cussed, I gaped! from league matches to Australia..To Pakistan and finally Sri Lanka. India did beat every other previous world champion to show the mettle they are made of.

When India did win this cup.  Indians did go wild. Streets jam packed! Madness running high. Honestly, Could anything else give so much collective joy to diverse set of Indians. From billionaires to laborers on construction sites?

I guess Cricket is bigger than religion here.What I saw today was a billion tears, a billion hope and a God! Sachin! I can never put in words the contentment I felt after seeing the man who has given this sport 21 years of his life without any question, lifting the cup. It was befitting when Virat Kohali said, “‎”Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting that we carried him on our shoulders after this win.”

Today was the day I saw what it meant to create history! Today I felt that numbness! Today I guess I have turned into a theist from atheist. Proud to be Indian! Jai Ho!


5 thoughts on “Bleeding Blue!

  1. good to be back here 🙂 many congratulations on india’s win..:) i still cant get over the amazing feeling of being a winner’s side 🙂

    • I agree with #23 ChirstianVasquez has heart he plays hard and gets the crowd into it. He hit huge 3 pointers last year. I think he can be a good spark of the bench.

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