Spirited Away..

In the closed palms there is a wish..
And I run along the shore holding it tight..
Naked feet , sometimes get hurt
Sometimes get cut and bleed
And I run beside the mighty waves, protecting it tight

A sight of albatross is they seek
Men and women in the cloak along the sea
But my messiah is there in my palms
Sleeping for the day of reckon and my call..
And one day it will open its eyes
Wearing bright armour, it will shine
And I will then run along the mighty Gods
The mighty sun and waves of clouds

And then is the time when eternity will end
And the void in the space, where the souls exist will suspend
And I will fly, not run anymore
My angel wings carrying me above the shore
My hands open..my arms free
And I rise..and I rise
to disappear in the nullity…


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