Confessions of a flier

I know how to fold and join these estranged dendrites perhaps to launch a folded euphemism of euphoria or liberation. Though I wont call it harsh subjugation of my nature or destiny. All my life, I have known and loved one thing…my flight.. Yes, I am a flier.. I have seen plateaus and mountains..high rise…low rise.. […]


Sometimes you just wanna hurt yourself to feel better…   p.s. lately I have been having too many fragmented thoughts. My studies and sudden changes in life has left me with no time. But this blog is my alter ego. n as promised it will not die as long I m breathing..


Anathema [Part-1] Anathema [Part-2]   “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The unturned page of ALCHEMIST was whispering the unsaid words. It seems that more than a singular world conspires. That night when he mailed her the reply it seems the luck, the life and the passion […]