Bleeding Blue!

I have never been a fan of cricket! Never been the keeper of numerous stats for I have always lacked faith in the religion of India called cricket. You can call it blasphemy, I was happy to be part of that 10% of pessimistic crowd who always thought cricket is just nothing more than money […]


It was no ordinary love. A glass filled with curiosity, confusion and enigmatic attraction. In the moments of stranded solitude he picked her by one..each strand showing signs of simplicity, each moment carried. Looking behind the veil of suspended black seraphic beauties he saw her smile. It must be the fogginess of the voice that […]


Well perhaps a random post from my side after a long time Sometimes your heartbeats become louder than your thoughts. Sometimes every single cell of your body is shaken with the mere belief you had. Every reason of this world tries to defy the basis on which you are trying to give your best to […]

Mr. Lonely

Define loneliness, he asked himself “Loneliness : when you scroll the phonebook of your cellphone only to find that you got no one to talk to” As the moments turn into hours, hours into day, days into year and years into perhaps life, one cannot reconcile with the fact that he is alone. Its like […]


Update of the blog completed Merged my hindi blog “Nishabd” with this. Now this will be my single blog where I write both Hindi and English poems and What not 😛 Created Pages with respective sections , so traversing for the vistors has become easier :- English Poems, Hindi Poems, Stories, Anathema, Titbits, About Updated […]