Should I

Again It seems I am at the crossroads of my life. Again my faith is asking me various obfuscated questions. Life never cease to surprise me and challenge my beliefs faith.. Its not that I have not tried. Its not that I have not fought. Its not that I have lost or won. Its now, I guess becoming a […]


Suspened in air,With strings of light the concussion of soul staring with zombie eyes, in solitude of fear dark and deep whispering blackhole I dont see.. I cant hear it inside out bleating lambs from where they came..where they are gone whimsical turns of chariots of gold beaming a new tommorow cleching its fists with […]

Hi friends and all those who are waiting for next part of Anathema. My apologies. I am bit under the weather and hence it will take some time for me to post the next part.. Hope to recover soon and post the next part within few days..