Let it slip.. that dew of dawn.. let it roll like a romantic thought.. Just don’t wonder where did it go..wonder where it got lost.. The touch of hand..drenched in tears.. facile shapes in sand..appear and disappear in quenched fear.. Tried to hold it as an impulse of escaping ecstasy.. though all I can see […]


It was no ordinary love. A glass filled with curiosity, confusion and enigmatic attraction. In the moments of stranded solitude he picked her by one..each strand showing signs of simplicity, each moment carried. Looking behind the veil of suspended black seraphic beauties he saw her smile. It must be the fogginess of the voice that […]


cherub of your smile speaks in wonders of wild The checkerboard desire in black in white, caressing the thoughts maxima minima,  So is the silence, so is those moments of slide Disoriented idiosyncratic carvan of your hair A shyness with purpose or act of spy tepid cheeks , falling lashes, refugee of dare simulating Entropy,So […]