Let it slip.. that dew of dawn.. let it roll like a romantic thought.. Just don’t wonder where did it go..wonder where it got lost.. The touch of hand..drenched in tears.. facile shapes in sand..appear and disappear in quenched fear.. Tried to hold it as an impulse of escaping ecstasy.. though all I can see […]


In blues and whites In the bushes of Kites They cut across..they come across They turn and toss ..they prune and pause Through the oceans of perpendicular velocity Through the canter of viscous ferocity The rise of wise.. They smile and apprise The miniscule shadows of meadows.. they vilify and surmise The turning board and […]


hai kuch ashiyaane mein ek rukta sa lamha ek tammana be-imaani ek khwahish fanna meri hotho pe aake tham jaati hai un hazaaron saaso ki tarah.. ek lafz woh ehsaas ko kabhi soche jo na kaha.. teri kesho mein ghane raat ke saaye the teri surkh hotho pe jo hamne paaye the har us nishaani […]