Let it slip.. that dew of dawn.. let it roll like a romantic thought.. Just don’t wonder where did it go..wonder where it got lost.. The touch of hand..drenched in tears.. facile shapes in sand..appear and disappear in quenched fear.. Tried to hold it as an impulse of escaping ecstasy.. though all I can see […]

Tippy Tappy dance

When Clouds circles over your sunny sky..just roll over a bit n do a tippy tappy dance dance.. When the blues kisses the light of your whites..just slip a bit..n do a tippy tappy dance dance.. and  soon you would see everything snowflakes dissipating in the motionnn..all you need is a tippy tappy dance […]


Sometimes it’s not enough or sometimes Is it Enough!   It can be either that’s the horror of sometimes…   Sometimes I wish it to be or Sometimes wish it is   It can be either that’s the weirdness of sometimes…   Sometimes I wish you  were like or Sometimes Like I wish you were […]


In blues and whites In the bushes of Kites They cut across..they come across They turn and toss ..they prune and pause Through the oceans of perpendicular velocity Through the canter of viscous ferocity The rise of wise.. They smile and apprise The miniscule shadows of meadows.. they vilify and surmise The turning board and […]


No Not very far it was lying in the inherited island of destiny No Not so close either it was singing in the beguiled harbour of epiphany Sure, though there is nothing as sorrow Pure, though there is nothing as love of tomorrow Unseen, unarmed, ambiguous is this romance What you call the aberration […]

City Lights

Try for the stars..hold them in your palm You will see falling angels..mystic but so calm Blow them away in that shallow valley And you will find..the calling..calling of city lights… Gone are the season of rust and deception With the sunshine and the dust of perception Crashing and burning with the heights You can […]

Prismatic Dimensions

I am lost..perhaps in land of dunes and mirages In obfuscated images syllables of visages To behold..I need thee for my constant premonitions epiphany of varied stochastic ruminations… Hence I looked for thee in the shades of days… In the oasis of life.. in the shadows of rays… Through the looking glass.. […]