For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

-Vincet Van Gogh

Prime numbers..They are like life.. logical but yet difficult to comprehend their pattern. He has been brooding over this trying to find his way out through the galleria of peculiar numbers. He tries to scribble something but pencil lead breaks. He scratches the paper with the broken pencil as if trying to sympathize with the fate of broken lead. How rough and weird is this, he thinks.

He takes out the dices from his left pocket and starts playing with them. He rolls them on the table and the numbercomes ‘2’ and ‘3’.

Huh prime!

So you got a 5” someone speaks from behind. Taken aback as someone has just spoken his mind aloud he turns back.

Actually I would say its 23 my friend”, He says

You are again at it, aren’t you?

Well my friend it’s the way you want to see it”, saying that he smiles.

He has always wondered at the obscurity of life. Always been so unsure of the purpose. It has never been so right, It has never been so wrong either. This he believed is the genesis of the confusion that clogs the mind of perhaps all the people around.

He picks the dices from the table and braces them back to his left pocket.

It has been raining heavily outside.

Are we going to wait for the rain”, His friend enquired. His friend has been always been kind of person to throw certain subtle question on him and used to watch his expressions. He always attributed this behaviour of his friend as a new religion called sadism.

He observes the tiny minuscule droplets of water on the window pane. The window was quite dusty and with showers it was looking like the holy heaven was spitting on them as if saying this is what you deserve to be there.

Funny!” he says to himself. Funny is the nature of windows. The classic humour of the light or rather darkness being filtered through so called transparent matter. Colourless they are, yet trying to be prismatic. May be they are like the signature of our souls. Deep within everything gets filtered with the deviations. May be it’s the nature of our souls that makes us so colourful.

Are you ready now, the rain has stopped”, His friends informs him.

uhhh..Yes I am”, A sudden sadness engulf his face which gives an appearance of hollowness. It’s seems to be another act of luck. Bloody luck! That he is in so much need of money. A tool created by man to trade. And today he is going to trade a life for another.

bah! Humbug”, He groans in despair.

What! I hope you are not having second thoughts, remember you need money, and for that you have to kill this guy!”, His friend says.

Yes I know, let’s go”.

Life they are full of permutation combinations entangled with tight strings of thoughts.

I cant kill anyone. I am not a killer. Life is what I have cherished all along in perhaps most subtle simple things. I love life how can I take one. Its the enigmatic force of joy that binds my soul with this colour. If I lose it I will lose everything.

His friend shakes him to wake him up from his  thoughts.

C’mon pull the trigger”,


He finds himself in front of a stranger pointing the gun towards him. Is it real? Am I going to do it? Suddenly everything seems to have stopped. Sometimes your heartbeats starts to amuse you in these times. The adrenaline gush takes you to another intersection of plane where you can see how your heartbeats slow down than your thoughts. You can see how you disintegrate in the moment with thousands of voices screaming in an obtuse manner.  Every second takes a timeframe of hours and…and they scream. They scream so you can realize, realize those moments of truth

He also realizes that and shouts “NO!!

No! I won’t take his life, We have never been imparted on this land to do this. To save someone by taking another life is death in itself. I won’t commit this mistake. I am not a KILLER. My heart is clean and any kind of killing is unforgivable

You swine, coward!, I will do it myself then..”, His friend punches him and takes away the executioner from his hand.

He feels as if pierced by numerous needles from all directions and in response he jumps on his friend and tries to snatch away the pistol.

A crashing sound blurts out and He could feel the warm blood. His eyes widens seeing this and in acknowledgment of the fact that it was not his. The horror fills his mind. His friend’s body gets heavy tearing away his left pocket from which the dices rolls out bearing no ‘1’ and ‘3’

4” his friend utters his last word.

He whispers “Nah! It’s 13, the prime number of death”*.


*Acc to Chinese tarot card. Number 13 is death card.


17 thoughts on “Oxymoron

    • Sometimes when we think something is a “curse,” it actually is a blessing or a window for an opportunity. By getting rid of the big one and the substitute tv almost useless, you got the chance to have a travel down memory lane. I think it’s awesome and worth it! Maybe we’ll try this too (memory saver of pics on tv, not just the laptops).CreditDonkey recently posted..

    • Mä ihailin just Mejeijassa (Mansku 56, Oopperaa vastapäätä) kaiken maailman roippeesta tehtyjä toinen toistaan hurmaavampia korviksia! Itse ostin pronssinvärisistä vetoketjunvetimistä tehdyn killutin(ne sillee killuu siinä…)käsirenkaan ja samanmoiset korvikset -ooh, miten upeat! Paan ne erään tuttuni häihin, niin on komeet 🙂 Toki hinta on eri ku kirppiksellä, mut ei se haittaa, Global Hopen putiikeissa on oikeeta meininkiä. Ostin myös intin laskuvarjosta tehdyn juhlahameen…Aivan tajuttoman hieno!

    • to “show the comparison! BTW: The bus driver actually hit me on purpose (true!), but I was advised that I could not mention that in my suit for damages because the insurance would only pay for accidental negligence — not for what would amount to a criminal complaint!

  1. whooa!!! I didn’t know you’ve updated a lot. This is awesome lil bro, I am so glad that you decided to grace us with your gift of writing. Awesome! keep writing, please 🙂

  2. well, because I myself am into writing and because I’ve been too much into it at one point in life, can’t help saying this;

    It’s very very well written in the beginning, it catches one’s attention and is able to grip it as well.
    The revelation that the protagonist is going to commit a crime is amazingly done. However, the end is just not fine. (obviously, as per me, just a personal opinion). You’ve talked about the conlicts he’s going through, but finally he backs out and then accidently kills his friend…… wht next?
    ultimately he has become a killer or will he live an innocent life thereafter or will he be imprisoned and punished for a crime he didnt even commit? and wht of his conscience?

    may be, effect of too much of crime and punishment on me ;p, but seriously, end mein something was lacking or you could’ve taken it in some other direction.

    otherwise, as far as writing skills are concerned: SUPERB tb;)

    ps: just personal opinion.

    • Thanks alot Neha

      hey no problem with the opinion..as per my whole objective that was the point..ultimately he becomes a killer this way or that way.. its just a vignette not a complete life story..question mark to think about it..thats the way life is ..so is the title.. oxymoron.. what next was not an idea. 🙂

    • On the contrary, i would say the end has been just about perfect….its a proper reflection of some of the things that life does to innocent people…sometime people with the right “intent” end up doing the wrong stuff!
      The irony if it all has been nicely portrayed.

  3. 🙂 the dice and the numbers game reminded me of the book Mister God This is Anna. nice concept – but in the end, it doesn’t sound like he feels too guilty about killing his friend – is that an intended twist too?

  4. Every good story must bind its readers enough to traverse through the same terrain as the protagonist(s).
    A feat you have well managed. the intrigue, climax everything was fine but for one small thing. I somehow felt there were certain bits which were forced into the story?

    Nevertheless, gritty and well written. 🙂

    if you write more of such, i guess I shall visit to read more of you!

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