Thinking Blogger Award!!!!

thinking blogger

Saturday(1 june )..Office is the last place you want to be in..somehow during the office hours I open up my blog and whoa!!! I am surprised to see linkback to blogger awards. quite Shocked I trace back to Lansy‘s Blog.One of the most versatile writer ,thinker..and she has handed me the Thinking Blogger Award…

Its been just few months that I started blogging, and Lansy has awarded me with this title. Started with a stupid thought of clearing what churns inside me ..In the journey of just few months I met so many different people with different expressions..

I felt every blog..every expression is like a different language .You first meet with muteness and start speaking like them and understand that expression which used to be a foreigner to you..So many feelings to relate to.SO many ideas to ponder on..So many views to altercate with.

Well Following the trend I also get the opportunity to pass this award to 5 thinking bloggers.Its really confusing as how can be judgmental as there are so many of them .Every blog has there own beauty that seduce…

first I need to list the rules

1. If, and only if, you get nominated, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

You can find more details here

‘5 Blogs That Make Me Think’ are :-

1.Simply Simon : An Insouciant Soul.His poetry takes me to the heights of the feelings and thoughts which I left long ago.One of few who catches my thoughts ,I always looks at him as my unspoken friend who speak to me when I am left with stillness with his words

2.Soul &Body : A blog which truly captures the beauty of soul and body of life..Various shades mingled altogether

3.Hidyn Gems : What is the art of an artist without a true connoisseur. A true expert bringing out the beautiful pics to life in his blog. A true High definition images fan.

4.Pricky. : My first choice !..His post make your neurons ache.!! A must read

Still I can’t go without mentioning about these blogs which have given me a different perspective every time

Ani : A naughty lil girl who converse her life happenings like flowing river

Aks : An unconventional poet with simple heart. beauty of poetry profound in the words.

Ardu : A very innocent sweet blog..with some captive moments

Crazy pic : A fine writer and blogger full with zest of life.

Devil’z Abode : Ahhh! devil reincarnated. Though A devil but saint in the post.A great poet Blogger of wits

Infinite Dreams : A master story teller.His short stories will spellbound you

Sharad : A great emotional poet..and now story teller too

Sophiagurl : A mother blogger. Filled with love in heart and thought provoking words

Tapasya : Hmm she is tough one. A crowd apart. makes you go all round round..The Numerous “She”


32 thoughts on “Thinking Blogger Award!!!!

  1. @Pricky~Thanx .! and flattering… no ways…yeah i have mailed u…do check out..
    @humbl devil~ ha ha ha yaar…yeah but poem i did mention something which only i guess SS picked up
    @friend~ thanx alot!!

  2. Congratulations !

    Thanks for the appreciation ! I wonder if what everyone calls as my poetry is really poetry or some words together conveying my thoughts which have been instigated by other people or their actions…… Still pondering 🙂

    Keep Going !

  3. @sweetgirl~ thanx 🙂

    @Akshay~thanks…ur thots do the simplicty of it gives it true meaning…a fresh sunrise 🙂 …
    how we define a poetry…is it just a word game rhyme of words..naahh..its ur thots spoken aloud..with tune ur soul gives to tap of rain in window pane… keep writing coz u have a fan following ..:)

  4. @jattzzz~ thanx for coming by…welcome to my place..keep visiting:)

    @humbl devil~ yeah i saw..i felt..r u over or still there??

    @Sophiagurl~ thanxx:) yeah I am..but I just write for myself..have not put anything that really political,financial and other brainy its kinda strange…
    i do appreciate it. =)
    hey didi..plz dont b so formal 🙂 u need not say that..u r the best 🙂

  5. @ss~ honour is mine bhai.. yeah..guess its so..strange life..strange ways.. i need to talk more to u in maill…wil mail u a s soon my m done with this project 🙂

    @humbl devil ~ good that u r back..its better like that… 🙂

  6. Your the man Dream catcher. Thanks for the fucking love!!! I’m definately going to get on it. Its an honor to be able to post the badge proudly. I’m busy the rest of the week but I’ll try to get it up this weekend. I’m debating on a couple topics that have be request of me…. “Snipped”which should I write about first?

  7. @Andrew hi mate u deserve it man..anyways..sry for snipping the words..u r man with gr8 wits..the sarcasm ..the wits..n the accolades..deadly try to put like u always do…with a sense divulging uniqueness of around without crossing the thin line 🙂

  8. Well deserved Congrats! And Wow. Thanks for the love there Dream Catcher. Coming from you, it’s all the more meaningful. Many humble “Thank yous” from me to you.

    • Hi Bev-thanks for the chance to win some of these beautiful stamps that I've been admiring on your blog over the last few days.My favourite colour combo is pink and gr!n9eI&#3e;ll post a link on my blog now xx

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