Spirited Away..

In the closed palms there is a wish..And I run along the shore holding it tight..Naked feet , sometimes get hurtSometimes get cut and bleedAnd I run beside the mighty waves, protecting it tight A sight of albatross is they seekMen and women in the cloak along the seaBut my messiah is there in my […]


“May be the lines of your fate must be echoing in the air, which he must have heard” She could sense the savageness of that sound loud and clear. Breaking the monotonic virtue of time and space. Suspended and surreal was every pulse of her existence. Her brown eyes blinked and She started thinking she may not have […]


Let it slip.. that dew of dawn.. let it roll like a romantic thought.. Just don’t wonder where did it go..wonder where it got lost.. The touch of hand..drenched in tears.. facile shapes in sand..appear and disappear in quenched fear.. Tried to hold it as an impulse of escaping ecstasy.. though all I can see […]

Bleeding Blue!

I have never been a fan of cricket! Never been the keeper of numerous stats for I have always lacked faith in the religion of India called cricket. You can call it blasphemy, I was happy to be part of that 10% of pessimistic crowd who always thought cricket is just nothing more than money […]

Tippy Tappy dance

When Clouds circles over your sunny sky..just roll over a bit n do a tippy tappy dance dance.. When the blues kisses the light of your whites..just slip a bit..n do a tippy tappy dance dance.. and  soon you would see everything disappearing..like snowflakes dissipating in the motionnn..all you need is a tippy tappy dance […]


Sometimes it’s not enough or sometimes Is it Enough!   It can be either that’s the horror of sometimes…   Sometimes I wish it to be or Sometimes wish it is   It can be either that’s the weirdness of sometimes…   Sometimes I wish you  were like or Sometimes Like I wish you were […]

Confessions of a flier

I know how to fold and join these estranged dendrites perhaps to launch a folded euphemism of euphoria or liberation. Though I wont call it harsh subjugation of my nature or destiny. All my life, I have known and loved one thing…my wings..my flight.. Yes, I am a flier.. I have seen plateaus and mountains..high rise…low rise.. […]


It was no ordinary love. A glass filled with curiosity, confusion and enigmatic attraction. In the moments of stranded solitude he picked her hair..one by one..each strand showing signs of simplicity, each moment carried. Looking behind the veil of suspended black seraphic beauties he saw her smile. It must be the fogginess of the voice that […]