Follow Up–>WORDS…(I)

He brings the diary near to him. Lying are some scrambled words with vivid images and sketches around the corner. He smells what has been lying in those pages. The intoxicating smell of chemical is still so fresh; they were breathing life on the papyrus earth forming ‘blue’ algae. Blue a mocking color. Juxtaposing the pain, the sadness, the euphoria, the peace all at one place. Blue is the color of painted sky and blue is the color which we kill them in our eyes. The variegated blue is saying something. Like a morning hymn. He brings the diary closer to himself and reads in his mind those words


“I shake my arms to contact the living

Pull my vibes in the soul, I see it coming

What gets spilled is just destiny

The love of hands with pipe of fantasy

Nectar of seamless beauty

Sucked by vexed fraternity


The wish, the dream and standing emotion

Euphoria, curses and moving ovation

Ephemeron structures of crispy relation

Banal thoughts prevising scion

Somewhere I live in the shades of sion


Words are scintilla, Scintillating thy way

An innocent smile of pray

An expression of life in cay

The glass of inverted cure’s view

Genesis of my dreams means, as they say

You are in me, May be I am you”


Cheeks have a way. They make a mark of everything be it tears, or a harsh clap, or tickling tap. The tears from his eyes marking those inane callous on his cheeks. Using his hand he shoves them away. He pulls out a blue pen from his pocket; the pen bores an initial of the lost one. Its funny how these initials make there way in the trivial stuff. Everything moves but they remain. He scribbles something below these words.


Words are vicious, vicious thy way

Dance of necromancy, facile I fall prey

They give all and they take away…

Specious you are, the breeze through the pore

Now shut is my eyes, to see no more…


He tears this paper from the diary and throws the diary with full force in the raging sea.

With paper in his pocket he starts walking towards the sea. He feels nothing. It felt as the sea has found a long lost brother, hugging him and embracing him so tightly that even he tries to push and flaps his hand, they didn’t let him go. A silence begins to take shape in the corners of distant canoe. He hears nothing. he feels nothing. He fears nothing…

A beep…followed by sound of hushed voices can be heard. A vision or illusion was fighting back to spirit. Near the zombie is kept a calendar which has paced to 3 months. He wakes up appalled .The sound of footsteps and the sirens make him realize the promise has not been fulfilled. The infuriated mind blames itself, from the creaky doors of dejavu a soul was still lurking. He still remembered the deed. He reaches swiftly to his pocket though the pain of needle was excruciating plucking his veins. He takes out the paper. The embrace did try to obviate the letters, but it seems the letters have given a hard fight. The paper seems to be wiped off what is written but still some words were smeared and alive. A silent cry passed through his heart out of emancipation.

The left words between the lines read…





29 thoughts on “Words…(II)

  1. “Life means more…” and so it does little brother. this post sounds like a transformation is coming. looking forward to your next posts about it. beautiful as always…feelings into words… and into poetry. amazing. =)

  2. Nice post!!! The phrase Life means more is wt i loved…thanks for adding me to ur blogroll…i’ve also added u!
    looking fwd to more from u..tk cr..and keep blogging!!!

  3. Now I need to read more and more and more your words, its absolutly astonish:)
    I dont know how you have such a big imagination to create all that fantasy.

    congratulations for your new template, I love it!


  4. Indeed, Life means more !!
    Fantastically driven to bring home the point….. very well written

    “The wish, the dream and standing emotion

    Euphoria, curses and moving ovation

    Ephemeron structures of crispy relation

    Banal thoughts prevising scion

    Somewhere I live in the shades of sion”

    ………….. guess thats the reality, hai naa ?

  5. Oh my.. this post is meaningful. It’s true. Life mean more.. It’s not the end of the world if things have failed us. We shall never give up.
    And thanks for visiting my blogs.

    Keep blogging and I’ll be back!

  6. Andrew: Brotha will have a rain check on that :)..surely will ask…

    Sophiagurl: Thanx di..ha ha..i hope transformation be soon..’more’ itself is illusionary word.. words play the game..n we get the blame 😉

    celestine: 🙂 thanx celestine.. :)..

    Akansha : thanx alot …keep visiting 🙂

    soul&bodyOMG!! 😎 thank u dear… u made ma day..he he..
    fantasy dont know..sometimes this is reality..:lol: ..kisses

    Akshay: you know it very well…it is reality..

    curryegg: we shall never give up…true..it means more…but still words..they are elusive..
    cya around 🙂

    Apun ka desh: thanx alot 🙂

  7. Oh my god..beautiful!!!!
    u quite literally work magic with words re….
    Life Means More…..
    A statement brilliantly made…

    Thanks for visiting my blog…now u’ve got me hooked here!!

    I must admit..u intrigue me!!
    by the way…i love ur template…i mean ur whole blog..its damn cool..

  8. Sneha: he he…thank u so much.. 🙂 u r very liberal in appreciating..:) m on cloud nine now..

    Kalyan: Thanx brother.. welcome here 🙂

    Neo: 🙂 yup..it is more..

    Random Magus: Thanx amber 🙂

  9. hey thanks for adding me..im a novice…donno linking as yet! will learn soonest!
    and yeah…u are a great poet..keep it up…i just cant post my poems here…cant imagine how i’ll feel if someone copy pastes it somewhr

  10. =) I appreciate the optimism, i guess one has to undergo this stage to realize [life means more], yes it does.
    More of what Dream catcher???????????????????????
    What actually????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Dont have much words of praise left after all the well-deserved words poured onto this page, indeed life, and words mean more, if you’re willing to understand that is.

    And besides the obvious optimism, the added subtext is cool too.

  12. WOW>>>WOW>>>WOW….i wish i could scream this throughout this comment box…lol…Life means more…so simple yet put thru complicated and beautiful words..u know wat ?..I had to open the dictionary simultaneously to learn those words u have painted in her…I am damn poor in that….:D

    and hellloooo my dear MB club mate…:D

  13. nisha: Hi no probs at all 🙂 …but it wld b great if i get to read some of ur poems…:)

    deepti: yup true..very very true…
    gosh!! u r tough…u really take the catch..i can tell what more as it wld b biased..it wld reflect my personal self…

    phoenix: hii..thanx alot :)..ab what to say more..u have said everything urself 🙂 he he

    jattz : thank u..thak u..thank u.. space is not enough to bow to u n thanks here sir..;) or mister same hapens to me when i come to ur place..thank god my dictionary comes to rescue..;) u r damn good man!!
    yaar nowdays MB thing if off the crads..net got disconnected and in office its trouble to blog..:(

  14. Blue a mocking color. Juxtaposing the pain, the sadness, the euphoria, the peace all at one place.

    Brilliant! I didnt have to read further to know the rest of it.. 🙂

  15. tough, yes i am or may be completely vulnerable, to be able to look through, or may be indifferent enough to objectify it. Who knows, do you????????????
    b/w, if u had been scribbling abt what i wrote in joy, now it doesnt come as a wonder.

  16. Ekta Thanx 🙂

    pRicky : cant say pricks..u already know a lot about it…plus the answer of this will start reflecting alot bout me..

    deeptivulnerable?? as per i see ..its not the case..neither indifference is to be taken account.as everything is being comprehended…i cant say I know..as i myself is at distant dimension..may b u can help a bit

    utopia Thanx..:) thought provoking…hmm depends..

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