On the broken pieces of paper

Different faces of sky

Fosters the child of sea..


In the sandalwood sunlight

The child, perspicuous squirrel of mountain

Breathing in canvas so white

Caresses its hand in a plea..


The semaphore heart, truth so surreal

Mystic tapered candles of flame

Questioning instances of lie

Like benign fear of quintessential lea..


The small, small ways being my prop

Taking a journey, on chimera’s top

Through whiskers of eyes, soaked in tepidity

To far, far very far for a wish

A wish of Eternity



48 thoughts on “Eternity…

  1. Its difficult to chase anyone else’s dreams but for me its getting difficult to chase the depth of your words in your creations, Dream Catch. How do you catch your dreams n narrate them into such beautiful piece of poetry ?
    Simply awesome !!
    And this is a realistic truth 🙂

  2. Oh my….this is a deep one. I think this is very self-perspective…”Broken pieces of paper”, “Small ways being my prop”,”Questioning instances of lie,”. Many write poems….but, there are only a very few select true poets, and, you my friend are a poet!

  3. I donno what to say!
    I feel a lot better, another 2 days & ill come out with a post!
    I too loved the previous template but I wanted a simple 3 column template! so i had to put up this one! I hope ur doin good! 🙂

    Peace & Love

  4. dreamcatcher dreamcatcher u jus caught my dream! (smiling on the insides after a long time now and reading and re reading these words as my soul realizes what it was searchin for!) u never fail to amaze me!

  5. Akshay: Wish we could catch the dreams and never let them go..we always hide our dreams in closed palms..but when we tend to see them..they fly..n we can jst watch the beauty of flight..
    n regarding depth..i guess jst perception..its not deep or fantabulous…:)

    Shinade 🙂 humbly I acknowledge this for being given such a high regard..thanx so much shinade..Its quite an honour..
    yeah true its a self perspective..:)

    surjit: thanks surjit…actually i changed again this line a bit to make the meaning more clear 🙂

    Rajeev: wow! good to knw u r ok..yup m fine n kicking..:) he he thanx 🙂 sig idea passed by u is really the way it adds an identity

    pricky hmm now knowing what actually u meant..u r so right man! u again made my neurons ache..simply how u do it??? u really captured it..Glad to find u 😀

    Ani🙄 hmmm n i go speechless yet again..if u find lemme know..may b it will b guiding light for me too 🙂

  6. little brother, once again i’m awed by the depth and power of your words. you are simply and unbelievably poetic =)

    This reminds me of a quote from Carl Jung ~ “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. ”

    keep it up…

    P.S. nice signature btw=)

  7. hey…
    nicely captured…u do know how to embellish ur thoughts…
    but i dont necessarily agree with what u say….
    i wonder when will man understand that…
    actual timelessness is in the moment!!
    I’m sorry if this differs from what u actually meant…
    but in my defense(if required)
    what is a poetry but individual perception of the rhythmic profound!!
    Btw…i love ur new signature….its cool…
    nice work..

  8. Sophiagurl:WHAT a beeautiful quote..loved this..too good..u captured everything in these lines didi…so sweet

    Sneha:ha ha..thanx..
    but one thing is this a gender issue??? m Konfused:)” man wil understand that”..

    hmm actual timelessness is in the moment..or the moments are there in this timelessness…
    sneha ..sneha if u go by dictionary meaning..eternity will mean timeless existence..or timelessness …but it is more than that..

    Its about “A” wish a wish for time without an end…
    m sorry i guess i didn’t get u properly..can u throw more light by what u meant..:(

    n what is poetry..shd we jst limit it to individual perception of rhythmic profound..or shd we jst extend this line a bit…poetry doesn’t comes with just individual perception..or its not a dependency of rhythm..yeah the soul is feeling that is right..i agree with ur point..but jst like to extend it a bit..u need not know the music to feel it..silence is also a note in music..
    same way poetry just what makes a person realize himself..its just what a person feels that he belongs too….more i dwell more i feel that this belongingness is a poetry that subside..otherwise everything is jst raw..tasteless

    Kalyan: thanx bro:)

  9. Its an excellent poem!
    but then,
    forgive me! for like simple words in poetry …. like the mirror so easy to see, but the depth ever so difficult to fathom – when I read poetry with huge words, I tend to emphasise more on words than the inner subtler meanings. When I read a simple poem – my uncomplicated mind latches on to it, broods over it several times over and interprets it over and over again – thus culminating what the poet originally wanted to do. Like Kamaladas or Tagore or Gulzar ( to quote the Indian poets)

    But then, this is me. A li’l less IQ me has. so forgive moi.
    But again let me reiterate – a wonderfully beautiful poem 🙂

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  10. Ektajust think of a cloudy sky..n u will know the rest 🙂

    Rajeevwell the great 😀 doesn’t support anything like java iframe….ha habtw i have put the meebo widget back again..u can drop the messages there..i will b checking there..

    Aaadee, Aman Thanxxx 🙂 alot

    Soul&bodysignature just made the pic using fonts and then hosted it and i insert the link to the post..idea got from rajeev 😀
    thank u..

    Utopiahmmm how u got my age?? may b blogger profile..he he..
    may b life jst paced for this guy…its just happens..i don’t what my thinking n understanding is…but i can feel th pace of life..n some of the things came too early..

    Just so: hmm point taken :bow: is it looks like m dressing with wors rather than what i feel?? i didn’t intend to do its so then its my shortcoming i what matters is how u express…n lil less IQ aha..i guess that arpz other side speaking..everyone knws what u r ma’m :D…
    i just scribble what makes me move..what makes me desire ..n feel it..the stuff i see ..also never intend to gather audience..but it appears so 😦 they only try to seduce other..
    will try to improve 😉

    Phoenix: hmmm justso also mentioned kinda that way..thanx for letting me knw..may b the poem getting lost coz of words..

  11. Hello, beautiful poem… sometimes its difficult to understand how ur thoughts flow though… May be I have to perceive them in my own way…

  12. it seems a lot is hidden behind the curtains of time, a future that oozes out a desire long back, the dream that was born long ago, is trying to peep out from the drapes, a good attempt to call them shade/shadows/eternity.

  13. No, I didnt mean what you’ve written has not served its purpose, the first aim of the poem is to express the poet – and when your words make sense to you – its as good as the one written by any nobel laureate.

    I just opined that, because I thought your poems would be more “reachable” ( shall I call them that? not the exact word , but will do) with smaller words.

    But then , this is your style … and I like it 🙂

  14. Adi: So the mirage dream…follows..:) thanx bro..good to c u

    Rajeev: its looking cool bro..gr8 🙂

    divi: a long wait… n lost space..good to c u..n where is ur blog gone..

    Deepti: are you trying to read me…?

    Aaadee: Pleasure is mine 😀

    Arpz: true very true..n thats how i jst scribbled it..though these are inarticulate scrambled stuff…whatever gushes in mind i jst let it flow..never thot it will reach any audience..often infact its been pushed away being called too much psycho stuff though ..ha ha..
    but ur opinion is worth heeding …
    Thanx a bunch arpz..i mean it..

    ss: ur presence means more than anything ss…is there any need to say 🙂 just stay 😉

    Shruti: Hi.. thanx shruti

  15. hey…
    nah…”when will MAN understand??”…not a gender issue…just meant human beings…
    and u say that eternity is a wish…for a time with no end …
    but I stand by my precept that “actual timelessness is in the moment” because….its entirely upto u how u live each moment…i feel that u lead a timeless existence if u live a life in each moment….
    what u said can be right in the sense that…”it is these moments that make up timelessness”…..
    if we waste a moment on this wish that may not be fulfilled…we have lost the essence of one more moment we could have made timeless…
    ok..u got me on the poetry thing…agree with u there..u dont need to understand music to enjoy it…and likewise with poetry…
    the past reckons…the future beckons
    but we would all do best to live in the present…
    take care..

  16. soul&body:ooppss!! he he 😆

    Sneha:ha ha..I guess we are in a sense perceiving the same thing but in a different manner…but i guess the essence of what I wrote is completely different. This poem has different altitude altogether..I respect ur perception and the way u think…I agree that we lead a timeless existence if we live each and ever moment..madam ji..but with this poem I didn’t mean to propose this..seriously..Its not a wish for timeless existence…perhaps sometime will share a coffee n will tell u whats my wish of eternity…
    cheers…loved the way u came up ..bravo!

    Rashi:Yeah perhaps we all can…glad u did 🙂

    Akansha:thanks akansha..m honoured 🙂

  17. If I have to look up a word in a poem in the dictionary, ‘perspicuous’ indeed, it is just damn ostentatious and looses my interest immediately. Fancy words might impress a neurotic linguist (one who eats neurotic linguini!), but not me. And what is ‘perspicuous’ about a squirrel? It almost seems like squirrel abuse to hang a pedantically ostentatious word such as ‘perspicuous’ around that poor squirrel’s neck!!
    Paper isn’t ‘broken’.
    Whats ‘sandalwood’ about the light? Color (brown)? Smell??
    What the hell is a “quintessential lea”, and why should it be ‘feared’, ‘benignly’ or otherwise? Can fear even be considered ‘benign’?
    The only ‘eternity’ that I see here is the eternity that it would take to make anything intelligible at all out of this word-soup.
    No connection, no communication. And I bet all the above ‘smoke blowers’ and toadies are simply afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes. I’ll say it, I find the poem an ostentatious pile of physically arranged meaningless words (which certainly qualifies as poetry, just not necessarily ‘sucessful’ poetry)..
    Suggestion, keep it simple, for the vast majority of readers are relative idiots who won’t be bothered to head to a dictionary just to read a poem, they will put it down and return to their nachos and TV.
    Communication failed.
    Transmission ended.

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